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Innovating Through the Cloud: Infiflex

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Kolkata based Infiflex Technologies, founded by Jude Mohanty, is an organization which focuses on bringing something new to the customer in the area of cloud computing., Infiflex is a premier partner of Google Apps, offering a host of innovative IT solutions and services that effectively address the business needs of its clients and equip their business to compete successfully in the global market.

In an discussion with SMEStreet, Jude elaborated his company’s unique positioning in the market. The edited excerpts:

What kind of solutions you offer on cloud?

We offer solutions which are designed to deliver to customers’ demands. We work on the enterprise Google Cloud Platform which is an emerging technology trend in the IT Industry with a very strong growth and adoption rate across the industry verticals.

The Solutions offered by Infiflex are as follows:

  • Cloud based Solutions
  • On Premise Solutions
  • Application & Web Development Services

The above solutions are offered as SaaS Model, Infiflex adds a lot of value to the customer by providing the Deployment of the SaaS Solutions for the Customer and also providing the Customer with customization of the SaaS Solutions. In addition to the Deployment and Customization, Infiflex provides a complete training to the customer to maximize the benefit of the SaaS Solutions.

What are the key specialties of your solution?  

Infiflex specializes in Google Cloud Platform for which it has released a quick to implement business product suite called Giffy to build scalable web applications using the Google Appengine architecture. This enablescustomers to build applications using the click and configure methodology rather than traditional approach of investing in large development teams in house or outsourced, to build custom software. Using Giffy even small and midsize companies are managing their operations like large enterprises thus enhancing productivity, performance and profits.

Providing quick-to-implement and easy-to-use solution with Infinite Flexibility to give one’s business the extra mileage and the cutting-edge over competitors. Infiflex supports and is committed to the success of open source software development. As an active community member, Infiflex has an ongoing process to develop tools and projects for the Open source community. It is an IT Services organization leveraging comprehensive business and technology solutions across diverse domains. The software products can be tailored to meet one’s business requirements. It’s open model technology provides infrastructure stability, which implies business survival and growth.


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