Importance of Knowledge Based Economy is Critical: Sitharaman

Addressing the plenary session of the third edition of Global Exhibtion on Services 2017 in New Delhi she said the Exhibition has moved from strength to strength with focus on twenty services this time from ten in the first edition.

Importance of Knowledge Based Economy is Critical: Sitharaman

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NEW DELHI: For the growth of Indian economy, the importance of knowledge base and knowledge sharing is emphasized by the Commerce and Industry Minister, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman. She said that services sector will facilitate knowledge based economy.

Mrs. Sitharaman highlighted the importance of E-visas for promotion of tourism and other services. The Minister said that there would be servicification of manufacturing due to which manufacturing will be dominated by services.

The third edition of the Global Exhibition of Services is being organized by Ministry of Commerce and Industry together with CII and SEPC. Six Ministers from different countries are participating at the GES. GES 2017 brings together 550 exhibitors from 70-plus countries. More than 20,000 visitors are expected to attend the exhibition. The Exhibition will see over 5,000 business meetings and deliberations at more than 30 seminars.

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