Himanshu B Patel of Triton Solar Gets SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Award ; DC MSME, Ram Mohan Mishra Launched The Awards at The Lodhi Hotel

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In order to inspire, motivate and influence growth path of MSMEs & Startups India’s flagship MSME ecosystem – SMEStreet has launched the campaign for SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Awards 2020. The announcement of these awards for 2020 came along with the facilitation of Mr. Himanshu B Patel, Founder and MD of Triton Solar with the first SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Award 2020. To grace the occasion and launch the award, Shri Ram Mohan Mishra, DC MSME attended the event at The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi.

SMEStreet Leadership Milestones are designed as a uniquely exclusive activity aimed to create a growth-oriented ecosystem for MSMEs. Commenting on the launch of these awards, Shri Ram Mohan Mishra, DC MSME stated, “To equip MSMEs with all the necessary expertise and motivation, proactive initiatives are needed. The entire MSME ecosystem must become proactively collaborative. The SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Awards 2020 is such initiative in which, featured MSMEs can not only get global recognition but a larger MSME ecosystem can look up to them and learn from them. This is very important for the entire MSME ecosystem. According to me, a good entrepreneur or MSME is the one which can motivate and encourage others. At MSME Ministry we have taken several steps in which experts, entrepreneurs and any specific stakeholder of the MSME segment can come forward and offer their part of expertise,” with this, Shri Mishra congratulated Shri Himanshu B Patel for his contributions in making the Solar based power solutions more affordable and also congratulated the SMEStreet team for taking this initiative.

Shri Himanshu B Patel, Founder & MD of Triton Solar accepted the award and commented, “It is indeed a very proud moment and a happy moment for Triton Solar. This gives a great sense of motivation to me and our entire Triton Solar team.  This award to us shows that our commitment l to produce clean energy solutions that are affordable and have the capability to transform the power and energy management scenario in societies that needs power and clean energy. We are excited to receive this award and thankful to entire SMEStreet team for this award.”

Shri Faiz Askari, Founder & Editor of SMEStreet introduced the awards by adding, “We at SMEStreet are extremely excited to announce SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Award 2020. At the beginning of 2020, we are starting a new decade, so new chapters of success must be written. These success stories will come from the MSME segment. These awards are going to be a different award or facilitation activity, in this, we will not just recognise MSMEs or Global Corporates which have added something innovative in their respective field. Such organisations are not only achievers, in today’s world, but such organisations can also be considered as role models for others. This pathbreaker must get exposure in the form of success stories. And this is exactly our mandate through these awards. As we know that milestones are there to be achieved in every journey. Hence, These awards will be a continued movement in the form of a nationwide and global campaign.”

As a nationwide and global campaign, SMEStreet Leadership Milestone Awards are aimed at Inspiring, educating and influencing the MSMEs. Hence, the awardees or the featured entrepreneurs in this campaign will be presented as a success story case study. With this, Entrepreneurs or whosoever is part of the MSME Ecosystem will get some direct inspiration form this. Every month we will highlight few entrepreneurs on our website and in a quarter we will announce a list of entrepreneurs getting featured in the special Leadership Milestones Handbook this featuring will be in the form of a success story.

The event was attended by Shri P Udayakumar, Director – Procurement & Marketing, NSIC, and he also appreciated the initiative which will be going to impact the MSMEs of all levels. He mentioned, “Today’s times are fast-changing and rapidly evolving. In today’s times, MSMEs needs to look beyond their comfort zones, they must be open to learning from the success stories around them. Hence, SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Awards will become great influencers and motivate the entire MSMEs landscape of the country.

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Here are some pictures of the SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Awards Launch event at The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi:

SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Awards, Ram Mohan MIshra, Hmanshu B Patel, Faiz Askari

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