Helping Businesses to Explore the Third Dimension of Communications: Knowlarity

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Times are changing. Businesses are on a threshold of revival, banks are talking about small entrepreneurs, our Prime Minister is committed towards bringing more investments into the Indian market and an overall a positive ecosystem getting nurtured in favor of entrepreneurship or startup cult in India.

While the business ecosystem is gearing up towards startups and small businesses, there is an innovative company — Knowlarity which is committed to bring smile on such entrepreneurs who would like to stay focused on their core business and leave the rest on to technology.

In an exclusive and really interesting discussion with Ambarish Gupta, Founder & CEO of Knowlarity, Faiz Askari of SMEStreet found some key insights on how communication technologies are evolving around SMEs.

FA: What are the key trends regarding the adoption of communications technologies among businesses?

AG: Business Communication is growing exponentially as compared to earlier. Times have changed. The way businesses are consuming content is just amazing. We are surrounded with gadgets, smart phones smart hand held devices and information flow is happening from multiple sources. Enterprise chat is also reality. In addition, video communication is becoming great source of content consumption. All of this is transforming the business communications in an exponential manner. Applications around voice communications, data communication are also happening which are integrated with business applications as well.

What are the drivers of such transformation?

Over last one or two decades, Industry has shown great inclination towards services earlier it was manufacturing. In the services sector the role and scope of communication become very huge. In India, computers might have not made the level of impact which smart phones managed to make. I mean, people who have not used computers to the best extent are very familiar and comfortable towards smart phone devices.

More and more action around unified communication which is about voice, video and data is happening around across level of organizations. Businesses of all sizes are getting closer towards technology solutions. SMEs in India are gradually adopting best in class technologies.

As a startup Knowlarity has introduced something unique to this industry. How is your experience as an entrepreneur?

We forayed into this sector, with a belief that the potential is huge and we firmed our commitment. Like any other startup we also gone through with initial struggling days. Being the pioneers in voice based business communication industry, we achieved a lot so far.  We are now getting into other global markets such as South Asia, Singapore and Middle East.

While being first mover in the industry, what was the biggest challenge you faced?

We entered into the market with a new model to offer to them. This was about virtual receptionist, etc. It was all about changing the conventional mindset that was most challenging part in our journey.

What actually provoked you to enter into the market with something like a ‘Super Receptionist’?

We realized that there is a huge problem existing in the market and the whole industry has a major concern. This concern was about managing the business communications. For example many entrepreneur use to struggle to manage their customer phone calls, they would initially like to avail something like call forwarding feature which can be routed to the subject matter expert within their team. We only understood this challenge and came up with a robust product which not only manage this problem but it can deliver analysis of the queries that they use to receive etc.

Where would you like to see Knowlarity in near future?

We would like to solve unified communications problem of all the businesses. We would like to grow exponentially across the globe. We aim to achieve 100 thousand customers worldwide.


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