Haryana MSMEs Perspective on Statewide New Labour Reservation Law

SMEStreet is reaching to MSMEs in Haryana on their perspective on the State Government's introduction of 75% Job reservation for local candidates.

Haryana MSMEs Perspective on Statewide New Labour Reservation Law

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Recently, the Haryana Govt has introduced a bill called Haryana State Local Candidates Bill, 2020 which suggests the state will follow a strict Job reservation policy of ensuring 75% job reservation for locals. This is creating a huge impact on MSMEs.

Although this law is created to boost employment for locals in Haryana, but this will create a major pressure on MSMEs of Delhi NCR region which operates from places like Faridabad and Gurugram. MSMEs operating in industry sectors such textiles, auto ancelleries, auto components, fabrication, packaging etc. are operational in areas which are adjacent to Delhi and have their major workforce coming from crossing the state borders. Hence their business is going to get effected negatively by this law.

SMEStreet is reaching out to Haryana MSMEs and trying to understand their perspective on this new law. Their perspective towards labour reforms and new state laws must be highlighted as they hold the key to economic growth and revival specially in the post covid scenrio.

We are inviting suggestions from business owners/MSME entrepreneurs who are operating from Haryana on this new labour law of Haryana with 75% Job Reservation for locals. However, we suggest point wise suggestions on the same issue.

Please feel free to write to us at faiz@smestreet.in


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