Ganga Rejuvenation Needs Public Participation: Minister

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Ganga Rejuvenation Needs Public Participation: Minister

Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Jal Shakti Minister, recalling how the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s call for Aviral and Nirmal Ganga has become a mass movement at the Ganga Utsav 2020 said, “Ganga rejuvenation is a continuous task that’s why we have to promote public participation, we have to create a sense of duty among people, it can be done only when we are able to make people realize what Ganga offers us.” He emphasized that festivals like Ganga Utsav are very important to encourage public participation. He said that Ganga rejuvenation is not only government work but involves constant public engagement and dialogue. He said, “This program is an enabler in transforming our ‘Astha’ (faith) to our ‘Kartavya’(duty) towards Ganga.”

“While practising at Ganga ghats, I got inspiration to sing from Maa Ganga.” said Kailash Kher. His musical performance enthralled the viewers.

Rajiv Ranjan Mishra.,DG, NMCG while giving a recap of  the first two days of the festival informed that not only from India but people from different parts of the world joined the festival virtuallyU.P Singh, Secretary, Jal Shakti Ministry congratulated theNamamiGange Mission. He said, “a festival which started as a standalone evening event, ‘ekshaam Ganga ke naam’ has come a long way under the present NMCG team.” This will be instrumental in connecting people to the river, he added.

Ganga Aerial Movie Launch

An astonishing film, ‘Ganga Aerial Movie’ was launched by Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Jal Shakti Minister. Produced by NFDC, the film covers the journey of Ganga from the origin to the end in breath-taking aerial view. The film not only features stunningly beautiful Ganga ghats but also shows the other brilliant work like STPs done by NMCG.

Ganga Box Launch

German development agency (GIZ) has collaborated with NMCG for project, ‘Support to Ganga Rejuvenation’, in which participatory and hands-on learning, transformational learning resources are designed for the Indian schools to bring about attitudinal and behavioural change in the school children towards conservation and rejuvenation of the Ganga river. Ganga Box, an innovative learning tool, was launched as part of this project by the Jal Shakti Minister. DrikSteffes-enn, Deputy Head of Economic Cooperation & Development, Embassy of Germany also participated in the Ganga Utsav 2020.

Urban River Management Plan Launch

In accordance with the instruction of Hon’ble Prime Minister in  theNational Ganga Council meeting, to develop a new paradigm of planning for river cities; a joint project between National Mission for Clean Ganga and National Institute of Urban Affairs, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs was launched. A unique first of its kind strategic framework for managing urban river stretches in the Ganga River Basin, has been developed under the NMCG-NIUA project and was launched today. The framework titled the “Urban River Management Plan”, is a river centric planning framework, designed to help cities manage the rivers within their stretches using a systems approach.

Chacha Chaudhary becomes the Brand Ambassador for NamamiGange Project

The iconic Indian superhero,Chacha Chaudhary, whose brain works faster than a computer has now come forward to join hands with the NamamiGangeProgramme. Diamond Toons will conceptualize and publish this new ‘Talking Comics’ with Chacha Chaudhary spreading awareness on the cultural and spiritual significance of River Ganga and deploy best available knowledge across the masses for Ganga rejuvenation. The teaser was released during Ganga Utsav 2020.

NamamiGange movie on India Science Channel was launched. Through this association NamamiGange will release all its informative and educational movies on the channel.

The event ended with a mesmerising classical dance performance by Vaswati Mishra and her group. Winners of the mini Ganga Quest, which was organised throughout the festival, were announced.

More than three lakh people joined the festival virtually from across the world. In the closing ceremony, Mr. Mishra said NamamiGange has a strong component of public participation as per overall guidance and vision given by Hon’ble Prime Minister and this Janbhagidari-peoples movement is helping immensely in Ganga rejuvenation. The festival extends this vision beyond these three days and NMCG continuously resolves to work in the direction of increasing public awareness and strengthening public participation towards river rejuvenation. He also listed several specific activities in future such as Haridwar Kumbh,  theannual Ganga Quest, Wetland day, Biodiversity day, Jal Shakti Abhiyan, Ganga runs, etc calling upon people to participate and make the next Ganga Utsav even bigger and develop a movement for River festivals in the country.

Ganga Utsav was celebrated in various districts across the Ganga basin. In Saharanpur, runners from across the district joined the marathon which was part of the Ganga Utsav initiatives.

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