Enhanced Engagement with Zoho ShowTime

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Enhanced Engagement with Zoho ShowTime

In an exclusive conversation with Aarthi Elizabeth - Product Marketing Manager, Zoho SMEStreet found some interesting insights on how presentation experience can be improvised. Aarthi also explained the new Zoho ShowTime product in the conversation.


What is Zoho ShowTime? What are the key issues you try to pitch through this product?

In corporate environment, the business communications aspect is very critical. Within business communications, the art of delivering a quality presentation becomes extremely important. With Zoho ShowTime we aim to improvise this aspect. Zoho ShowTime is a web and mobile app focused completely on making better presenters out of speakers. Presenters can interact with their audience, drive self-improvement through feedback, and showcase their work on a secure cloud platform. ShowTime automatically projects any presentation onto the devices of the audience. Audiences can now view and participate in presentations and interact with presenters, from their own devices. Presenters, meanwhile, can view participant engagement, activity, and appreciation—so they can improve their presentations like never before.

The main issue that Zoho ShowTime has tried to address is the presenter and the audience communication or rather I should say that this platform enhances the engagement between the audience and presenter.

How does the Zoho ShowTime work?

Most presenters use PowerPoint to build and deliver their presentations. ShowTime now works with PowerPoint. The presenter can drive audience engagement and participation, through ShowTime, without changing anything. By simply installing a one-time plug-in into PowerPoint, the presenter can deliver interactive presentations and engage audiences, without ever leaving the familiar PowerPoint interface.

The plug-in installs a new toolbar within PowerPoint and automatically syncs up any presentation with ShowTime to make the slideshow ready for delivery. At the start, the presenter assigns a key that audience members can use for secure access from their own computers or mobile devices.


What are the key parameters of quality interaction and connect between the presenter and audience?

As we know in an ideal scenario, with Zoho ShowTime the speaker can interact with the audience, and control the presentation with their phone. ShowTime always puts the speaker in control by not letting any engagement interrupt the presentation. The speaker, at her discretion, may select questions, project them on the screen, and pursue interaction as she chooses.

After the presentation, ShowTime presents the speaker with a dashboard of detailed analysis, with insights on audience engagement. For example, speakers can spot the slides that received the most likes, uncover the ones where the audience lingered the most, look at overall ratings, and do a lot more.

What are your plans for Indian market With regards to Zoho ShowTime?

We have introduced the product into the Indian market. The response is very good and we are looking out to reach out to the market and give them the opportunity to enhance their presentation tools.


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