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D-Link Completes 30 Years of ‘Building Networks for People’

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D-Link turns 30 this year and celebrates three decades of “Building Networks for People” across 65 countries. With ‘Passion to innovate’ as the core mantra, D-Link is committed to introducing the latest & best in networking technology.

Formed by a group of seven friends in 1986, D-Link started with building products to connect desktop using Hubs/Switches. Similarly in the Laptop era D-Link connected the world with Wireless Access Points and now in the new age of Smart Phones it is leading networking innovation with its series of Wireless Mobile companions which are extremely portable. D-Link’s cloud based applications are already dominating the market, and now most of D-Link’s latest products are based on the IoT (Internet of Things) – the future of technology.

It is indeed the passion to innovate that has helped D-Link evolve into a globally diverse, billion dollar networking giant with more than 2,700 employees around the world. D-Link efficiently leverages on its strong local expertise and develops localized products, which gives it a critical advantage across world markets. Every day, in some 100 countries, D-Link powers hospital networks so that life-saving operations can be carried out. D-Link connects vast knowledge centres in the heart of universities and research institutes, enabling critical scientific breakthroughs. D-Link helps grow small businesses/ enterprises through its Wi-Fi networking, IP surveillance products etc. And in millions of homes around the world, D-Link helps families enjoy rich, fast digital lifestyles, while maintaining peace of mind.

“Year 2016 symbolizes a landmark year for D-Link, as we complete 30 years of ‘Building Networks for People’.  It’s not just about the time span, but more about the achievements & legacy built over a period of 3 decades”, said Mr. Tushar Sighat, Executive Director & CEO – D-Link (India) Ltd.

He further added, “The past 30 years have placed D-Link firmly within the forces shaping the wireless industry. We’ve turned our passion to innovate into solutions – like our Connected Home range and high-performance networking kits – that improve people’s lives. Taking the legacy forward, we shall continue with our Passion to innovate into 2016 & beyond”

In its 30th year D-Link celebrates its “Passion to Innovate” by bringing in more innovate networking products, and by playing to its strengths of heritage, anticipating future trends and meeting customer needs. In years to come, D-Link will lead the networking industry with innovative products that shall provide high-performance and cost-effective products to deliver better connectivity, security, efficiency, and cost savings solutions for both home and offices. Moving forward, D-Link stands ready to meet the future demands of consumers and businesses with a broad range of products that are reliable, affordable, and easy to use. D-Link is proud to offer advanced technology and practical innovations for the future.

As D-Link celebrates its heritage, passion to innovate, and all the people/ customers they have helped connect in our 30 years, it now looks forward to ringing in another 30 years of networking and growth.

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