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‘Colors of an Artistic Social Entrepreneur’

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A Cosmic painter and a philanthropist Preeti Thaker Arora is an artist whose creativity on various causes has produced some wonderful artistic examples. She is associated with several NGOs and Charity foundations. Khushii Foundation in Delhi is one of it.

According to her every painting she finish gives her a high but what really cheers her up is that for every painting sold ,She brings smiles to a few faces and for her nothing is better than that.She deeply feels for them. In this way she is a social entrepreneur whose strength is creativity and who works for a cause. 
In an exclusive interaction with SMEStreet, she explains her vision and her outlook as an entrepreneur.

As an artist, what are the key elements of your observations? 

I paint the wind; the wild movement of grasses and the tree, the swirling clouds and the feel of the day, the houses nestle into the mountain, almost a part of them. Not only observing solid objects in the landscape. I’m interested in painting the light and colours of landscapes as they change through seasons, the time of day or weather. Seascapes feature strongly in my work as I love the coast. Cosmic art depicts the various colours of the earth and the cosmos

What are the key areas you tend to focus or tend to showcase through your work?

My paintings are inspirational. My paintings give a peaceful and beautiful ambience around the house. They are splash of vibrant colours which easily matches with any upholstery hence it is very easy on the eye. My paintings are about life and the love of life.

Also, as an artist and entrepreneur as well, what are your experiences?

There’s an artist inside all of us. Entrepreneurs and artists share one important quality: they both put their heart and soul on the line for others to see and judge. Not everyone in this world has the tenacity, thick skin, or sheer gall to even try such a feat. When you feel the twinge of self-doubt, remember that you are one of the brave few. With every attempt, you are closer to your success.

Also, what are the key challenges you face as an artist entrepreneur?

One skill of the best artists is knowing when to leave their creation alone and walk away. A painting can be perfect and then destroyed with more brush strokes. A book can have a chilling ending and then be ruined with one more chapter.

Do you consider the emergence of Ecommerce in your field?  Please elaborate your response.

More and more sales are shifting online.  The Internet gives artists, in particular, a distinct advantage to reach an exponentially larger audience than they ever could have before by only exhibiting in galleries or at shows.

Art is no more for the elite only. The decorative possibilities of painting are way higher currently than what it used to be 10 yrs ago. I display my art openly to the public and I truly don’t care about people copying it or misusing my paintings by taking prints on their walls…if someone can’t afford to buy a piece of original art by paying a price..I ll b more than happy if they use a print copy of my paintings to decorate their homes..

Please mention the causes for which you raise funds?

My social efforts extend to various orphanages, physically impaired and abandoned children. Khushii Foundation in Delhi is one of them.  I also think, that my paintings belongs to the society and should go to it. I wouldn’t paint anymore if it is not for helping less fortunate and underprivileged people.



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