CleverTap Introduces ‘Live User Segments’ for Analyzing Real-Time User Behavior in Mobile Apps

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CleverTap, a leader in mobile analytics and engagement, announced Live User Segments, a new capability for evaluating a user’s behavior as it happens in an app. Live User Segments run continuously and act like a real-time filter on a user’s behavior. Users are dynamically added to segments the moment their behavior matches pre-defined criteria.

App developers and marketers use Live User Segments to do real-time monitoring and analysis of critical user flows such as on boarding and conversions. Marketing campaigns using push notifications, email, sms and browser notifications, can be automated to message users exactly when they complete a specified activity or sequence of activities, or even upon inaction, when they do not perform a desired activity within a specified amount of time, which could be in minutes, hours or days.

“Live User Segments are the cornerstone of our app engagement strategy,” said Revant Bhate Head of Marketing at Faasos. “We deliver thousands of meal orders during the lunch hour but if a customer doesn’t complete an order by 12:15, we’ve lost that purchase. Our Live User Segments campaigns run continuously and identify customers we’re about to lose, and send them personalized push notifications with incentives to buy. We’ve seen a 30% lift in our conversions.”

Live User Segments is the latest addition to what is the most advanced behavioral segmentation tool available for businesses today. Whereas other tools allow you to segment audience based on simple rules such as a single user activity or user property,

CleverTap is the only platform that allows segmentation based on any comprehensive set of actions or inactions a user performs in an app. Segments can look backward at past user behavior or, with Live User Segments, can evaluate user behavior as it happens, adding them to a segment in real-time.

“The key to any app’s success is knowing who your users are and how they experience your app,” said Paul Brody, Chief Product Officer for CleverTap. Segments can be monitored against KPIs (show me 30 day retention for 2nd time purchasers), compared to each other, used to automate engagement campaigns or sent to a webhook endpoint for use by other systems such as a CRM. And with Live User Segments, said Brody, you can now drive immediate user engagement or power the dashboard on the CEOs desk to show real-time, dynamic metrics on everything from who’s in the app right now to the total number of conversions in the past hour or day.”

Live User Segments will be available to all customers in July and is included as part of all CleverTap plans. Pricing is designed to place the tool within reach of startups with affordable plans that allows up to one million events per month, free.

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