Celebrating International Women's Day

At SMEStreet, we are excited to congratulate every entrepreneur for their surrounding women power on International Women's Day. We got some interesting quotes on this occasion from Women business leaders. 

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Every year on 8th March the world celebrates International Women’s Day. Although, it is practically not possible neither feasible to limit such celebration only to one day in a calendar year. But, it is also needed to specially dedicate atleast one day to recognize and acknowledge the role of women in every aspect of life. At SMEStreet, we are excited to congratulate every entrepreneur for their surrounding women power on International Women's Day. We got some interesting quotes on this occasion from Women business leaders. 

Neha Sanjay, Head of Marketing, Esper

Neha Sanjay, Esper Neha Sanjay, Head of Marketing, Esper

"Around the world and through the decades, we have all shared the struggles of Gender Equality. Gender Equality is an apt theme for IWD 2020 and is particularly relevant for a country like India. Gender inequality is not a woman's issue, but an economic one. It is crucial in ensuring the smooth progress of every industry and sector.

According to the Zinnov-Intel India Gender Diversity Benchmark report released last year, India has merely 26% female representation in technical roles at corporates across the country. This statistic may be a reminder of the gender disparity in the industry, however, it is also indicative of the scope of opportunities for women disruptors in this space. Brands and workplaces need to focus on taking on the role of an enabler in this regard.

At Esper, we believe that Gender Equality has to be designed deliberately at the workplace. Keeping this in mind, we are making efforts to ensure gender diversity through initiatives like hiring more women at all levels, and offering them upskilling and leadership programmes as well as flexibility at work."

Sunaina Sharma Menerkar, General Manager, Grand Mercure Mysore - 

'Having come a long way within the Hospitality industry, I have seen the glass ceiling break that existed where the women had to work harder or give up working due to their family commitments. For me this has been a long and fulfilling journey.  We are living in a changing world where more women are following their dreams with passion, desire, and spirit to lead. The Hospitality industry has started to acknowledge and appreciate the commitment shown by women to create a safe culture and opening up numerous opportunities for them'.

Rachan K, Associate Director – HR, Markelytics Solutions

Rachan K Rachan K, Associate Director HR, Markelytics Solutions

“Balancing work and personal life can have its hardships, mistakes can be inevitable but there is always a success and we also need to understand that failure is a part of your success. Although we relatively lead a steady life, work or life can become overbearing and when a feeling of being overwhelmed hits us, we may not make the right decision. Having a form of guide or a mentor in life skills helps you to understand your inner morals and allows you to think and compete in a rapidly challenging world.

We, at Markelytics, have always realized the importance of work-life balance for all our employees and have regularly conducted sessions for the same. Work-life balance becomes more challenging for women given the society that we live in, where more impetus is on women to ensure proper functioning both at home and at work. There is no dedicated day, but the realization is more now since women’s day is around and we’ve invited a renowned life skills coach to give a talk on this subject to all our women employees sometime next week. She will be joined by a few senior female employees as well, who will share their inputs to inspire and engage with our people.”


Sahiba Singh, Chief People Officer, Acuver Consulting Private Limited.

"The technological era is ultimately about maximizing human potential. In these ultra- competitive times, a culture of bias repels true talent and compromises all scope of organizational growth. At Acuver, we truly believe that we stand invincible on the foundation of equality. Here true equality is not just an idea but everyday actions of providing for everyone’s unique needs and trusting everyone with the freedom to design their own success roadmap. In serving as a springboard for every employee’s professional development, whether men or women, we ensure a win-win for our people as well as the organization."

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