Carzonrent Driving Consolidation in Indian B2B Car Rental

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May 26, 2016 13:42 IST
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Rajiv Vij, Carzonrent,


Carzonrent (India) Pvt. Ltd. (CIPL), India's largest diversified Urban Mobility services raised the bar of technology evolution in the App Commerce ecosystem with the launch of its ‘COR Ride App’. The value proposition offered through the ‘COR Ride App’ to the discerning corporate clients is complemented by a strong technology infrastructure comprising of the National Command Centre (NCC) and the Research & Technology Development Lab (COR Lab) in Bengaluru.

CIPL aims to achieve Rs. 2,400 crore revenue over the next 4 years. In order to achieve the target, Carzonrent plans to scale up the infrastructure involving deployment of in-car hardware, software development and increasing staff-strength in the NCC by three times from the current 200. COR Lab’s employee strength will also be quadrupled from the current workforce of 50.

Carzonrent is the first to launch an online booking platform and an in-car credit card payment system, mobile application for making bookings and live traffic updates, knowing the status of booked cab and the real-time tracking of the cars, invoicing with journey route map, etc.

Launch of the much awaited ‘COR Ride App’ will be music to the ears of corporate executives, across levels depending on entitlement, as it will enable the booking of chauffeur-driven cars for their official as well as personal usage, bringing luxury rides right at their fingertips! What underlines Carzonrent’s offerings is its unrelenting thrust on technology through its mobile app backed with 24×7 customer support centers, GPS and navigation devices in its cars and a robust networking system.

Carzonrent with the new ‘COR Ride App’ and the backend technology infrastructure delivers high level of transparency, presenting a complete Dashboard of the usage of a Car – right from the booking, to the time of pick up, the route taken, end time, etc. The app also caters to capturing any deviations.

The Carzonrent app comes equipped with unique features that allow personal aides/facilitators attached to the corporate executives in making and tracking reservations on their behalf. The existing customers and facilitators will be easily brought on board the application through a special portal, while a unique ‘Booker’ feature will allow the facilitators to make bookings for multiple guests/customers and track reporting of cars. Moreover, the app’s dual mode allows users to seamlessly switch between corporate and retail modes.

Speaking on the application launch, Rajiv Vij, Carzonrent, said, “Given the round-the-clock nature of global businesses today, corporate executives are hard-pressed for time. With the launch of COR Ride App, we have made booking chauffeur-driven rides very accessible and convenient for both the consumer and driver. With cars across categories such as the luxury segment easily accessible on their mobile phones, we are confident that the app will add much value and convenience for our corporate users as well as drivers by streamlining the process of car reservations.”

CIPL which comes with a strong track record of addressing the mobility needs of over 600 corporate clients including Amazon, Accenture, PWC, United health Group, Capgemini , Flipkart, Ernst & Young , Citi Bank ,Cognizant, Nomura, McKinsey, Wipro, Google, TCS among others; understands the sensitivities and quality orientation of  the service levels. The launch of COR Ride App adds another feather to its initiatives of delivering world-class services to its clients.

In addition to the quick and simple workflow, the Carzonrent app adds several other benefits for users. It makes the booking and ride-tracking of cars extremely convenient, with the ride invoice being calculated on the distance travelled and the time taken; payment is made simple and easy with several cashless payment options available. A feedback and rating mechanism is also incorporated for better service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The Carzonrent app stacks features to incentivize the drivers to use its services. With a multi-lingual interface available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, the app allows drivers to operate on it in their preferred language. Toll and parking receipt images will be included in the invoice for customer reference, while the drivers will be able to view the duty history of any specific month on their app interface. Additionally, the Carzonrent app will provide the drivers with the flexibility to pause and resume the drive for any disposal of duty, and will enable alternate usage of vehicle during the unused period.

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