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Building Trust by Ensuring Business Comfort of SMEs: EazyERP

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SMEs have taken the center stage of economic growth. But to leverage this lucrative growth path, SMEs have to work on many areas including building their systems and processes of doing business. Technology has a lot to offer in this stream. And within technology, ERP systems have become the most common IT strategy for most of the SMEs who would like to explore the next level growth.

In an exclusive interaction with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet, Kunal Singhal, Managing Director of EazyERP highlighted the trends in the ERP and business automation market. He emphasized on the value that Indian SMEs are expecting from an ERP system.

Edited Excerpts:

SMEStreet: Please discuss some trends in SMEsadoption of ERP solutions?

Kunal Singhal: In today’s business, SMEs are showing positive interest in building systems and processes in their business. Next generation entrepreneurs are game changers for their respective businesses. The adoption of technology have been well understood. Now, ERP implementations are happening at high pace. But, SMEs have their own requirements and preferences. Technology solution which could be an ERP has to fulfill such requirements and preferences. While building an ERP solution, we always kept such exclusive SMEs demands at top priority. Hence, EazyERP became such a solution which delivers all the key demands of SMEs which they expect from an ERP solution.

“The aim of EazyERP is to contribute in SME’s growth. While building an ERP solution, we always kept such exclusive SMEs demands at top priority. Hence, EazyERP became such a solution which delivers all the key demands of SMEs which they expect from an ERP solution.” 

SMEStreet: What are unique qualities which differentiates Eazy ERP from competitions in front of Indian SME customers?

Kunal Singhal: We understand the mindset of Indian entrepreneurs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive integration with Tally Accounting Software which requires no change in the existing systems. This gives a great comfort and trust factor on EazyERP. So we offered something which does not expect the old systems to be thrown away as junk, instead our solutions can be developed or placed on top of it.


In addition to this, our solution offers extensive and in-depth customization. The scalability of solution is robust, user definable custom fields, taxes, terms & conditions etc. can be placed. User Definable Document Printouts (Invoice / PO Formats / MRN etc.) advanced reporting system with user definable parameters are possible through our solution.

In addition to all this, we follow a hand holding approach in the implementation process. We understand user requirements, customize the solution and train them accordingly. We even provide facility for resident engineers where clients do not have dedicated ERP admin to administer the ERP and provide re-training to staff at a reasonable cost.

Interesting, considering the fact that SME’s  are usually budget focused. EazyERP offers unique model of unlimited users at one license. Additionally, being a Tally integrated ERP, our ERP solution cuts down the cost and time to move accounts & finance.


SMEStreet: Which are the key industry verticals that you are targeting?

Kunal Singhal: We are focusing on various industry segment such as food processing, manufacturing, FMCG, garment and also e-commerce segment. In the e-commerce segment, we have built a unique solution for the suppliers of e-commerce portals.

SMEStreet: Which are the new areas on which you are working?

Kunal Singhal: Cloud is an area where we are focusing extensively. We have come up with a hybrid cloud offering which fits into the requirements of today’s customers. Secondly, we have introduced a distribution model which has the capability of tracking the secondary sales and can also manage the secondary sales schemes. Thirdly, we have introduced PoS solution for the retail segment.

SMEStreet: While building something exclusively for the SMEs, what challenges you faced while developing solution?

Kunal Singhal: While focusing on SMEs, we have to understand their strengths and limitations. And as a matter of fact, majority of the SMEs do not think of long-term business strategy but focus only on survival. That’s I would say a limitation with many SMEs. They think of change only when the business begins to fail as a result of not keeping track of the changing market scenario. We developed our solution which is easy to deploy and takes less time for getting on board at the client level. Unlike conventional ERP systems, our solution allows them to become up and running in fairly less time.



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