British EV Brand – One Moto Enters India

One Moto India will launch 3 Models in India beginning next year (Commuta, Electa and Byka). Commuta is an entry level bike with 75 Kms range where as Byka and Electa are high performing bikes with 150 Kms of range with a powerful Bosch motor of 4000kW.

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A British brand of EVs- One Moto set to make Indian entry. The EV Brand brings electric vehicles combining elegance and performance with advanced technology at an affordable rate. The first of its kind of electric vehicles with top line power train.

One Moto India will launch 3 Models in India beginning next year (Commuta, Electa and Byka). Commuta is an entry level bike with 75 Kms range where as Byka and Electa are high performing bikes with 150 Kms of range with a powerful Bosch motor of 4000kW.

Commuta is set to enter the Indian market with a base price of 120,000 INR, while Byka and Electa will hit the Indian roads with an initial price of 185,000 INR. Offering unparalleled technology like its own App to monitor performance and statistics gives them an edge over competitors.

Elysium Automotives an Indian Startup for Sustainability is launching One Moto in India. One Moto, a British brand of electric vehicles designed with a mind to revolutionize electric mobility with unique designs that have a classic yet modern touch. The multi-award winning British based EV manufacturer has come to Indian shores to sustainably impact the automobile industry. Already established in Europe and the Middle East, One Moto has eyes on India and is set to launch in January 2022. While providing an edge with its modular design, it caters to commuters of all ages, from young riders to seniors owing to its versatile features.

According to Adam Ridgway CEO One Moto Global, “Launching One Moto in India is a strategist’s dream, keeping in mind the value positioning and competition in the country in terms of mobility. With global price hikes in fuel prices and increased environmental protection awareness, our partners and UK team observed the Indian nation looking for competitive alternatives with unrivalled performance, enhanced technology and total convenience. After careful R&D, we have managed to develop a vehicle specific for the Indian market promising a low cost of ownership, increased safety, and a dedication to a responsible environmental impact.”

As global economies shift towards electric based solutions for commuting, One Moto provides superior options in terms of its carbon negative impact and zero emissions, convenient charging systems, swappable batteries providing riders with ease of use they deserve.

According to Muzammil Riyaz and Sameer Moiden Founders of One Moto India, “We take our responsibility to deliver quality very seriously as the Indian market and its customers deserve quality at an affordable price. Our focus is to offer a brand for the people and a business of tomorrow.”

One Moto vehicles also come with the additional feature of the “One App”, an App that can be downloaded on any smart device to monitor Simple personal riding history, green kms and GPS to battery performance, book service repairs, search for battery banks, predictive maintenance alerts and integration with personal smart phones among more. With a dauntless team ready, they are set to reform Indian minds on what a confident EV looks like. Their aim- to provide the customer an electric and smooth ride, proud to ride and own a One Moto vehicles.

One Moto India officially comes under One Moto Global with its Indian Headquarters in Hyderabad and branch in Mumbai. OMI has the persistent goal of creating sustainable vehicles in all forms of mobility with creative designs, affordability, speed and zero environmental impact. They are promoters for multiple electric based 2-wheelers and an entire ecosystem of charging infrastructure.

One Moto India is led by its CEO, Shubhankar Chaudhary who has multiple expansions planned throughout India. Furthermore, One Moto India has already appointed a strong dealership network and will be inaugurating their experience hubs across all metros with a unique “Sustainability Model”.

Ellysium Automotive the parent company of One Moto India has aggressive and innovative plans to establish a integrated network of Battery Charging/Swapping, moreover they have committed to the investment of R&D, job creation, sustainable practices to guarantee their values and vision is realized by a patriotic nation of two-wheeled commuters. “Welcome to ONE MOTO”

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