Beyond the Glossy Agenda: Mr Modi’s America Visit

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After a grand show of PM Modi in United States, experts on India-US economic and strategic relations are getting busy on analyzing the actual impact of this mega event. One such key expert -a business tycoon from Chicago and a committed Indian by heart- Mr Shalabh ‘Shalli’ Kumar, Chairman, NIAPPI Business Council have shared his observations in an exclusive interaction with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet.

In this exclusive interview, Shalli highlighted some critical elements of Mr Modi’s Visit. These elements reflect real impact on the Obama Administration of PM Modi’s presence in the United States.

The interview excerpts:

How do you look at the India-US strategic relations scenario after Mr Modi’s US visit?

This was the first step in the right direction. Even though for the most part this was a cosmetic visit, American politicians learnt that PM Modi is a popular leader for Indians and Indian Americans. President Obama and his Democrat Party have a real challenge ahead of them in supporting Modi in his quest for stopping cross-border terrorism by Pakistan, as well as Trade issues.

It is quite obvious from the Joint Obama-Modi briefing at the White House, President Obama was not too happy when PM Modi requested him to take steps so that Indian Service provider companies have easier access to the US market. Obviously, PM was talking about the S 744 Immigration Reform Bill which does exactly the opposite. Obama’s annoyance at that request was quite visible.

Apart from the Glossy statements made by Mr Modi for the NRIs in US, what, according to you, were the key achievements Modi’s visit of US?

The number one achievement is that PM Modi has established that Bharat and its Leader Narendra Modi have arrived on the international stage and would have to be reckoned with.

PM Modi’s meetings with US corporate leaders in which he invited more investments to India was a positive move.

According to you, what are the impacts of this visit of sensitive issues such as US Immigration Bill and America’s LNG Exports policy for India?

Nothing at the moment except that PM Modi has informed the US Government that India wants to move ahead on both fronts and expects US to cooperate.

What will be Niappi Business Council’s line of activity for next six months?

Continue to push the pro-India trade agenda in the US Congress. Establish policy and on the ground framework for replacing “Made in China” with “Made in India” as far as US imports are concerned.


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