Ark Salus: Humanitarian Initiative to Help Humanity in Afghanistan

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While the whole world is witnessing the current situation in Afghanistan, some thinkers and doers have decided to go forward and make efforts to manage the situation and serve humanity in Afghanistan. 

Ark Salus, a not-for-profit organization, has taken up this critical responsibility to serve the human lives which need help and support. 

Ark Salus announces the initiative of OPERATION ON WINGS OF EAGLES with the deployment of an advance team to set the conditions for the safe evacuation of thousands of people from Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan. “We have a moral obligation to our fellow Afghan Warriors to safeguard THEM, their wives and children, and rescue them from Kabul, just as they have brought us home to our families. This effort carries from immediate rescue action through long term advocacy for our Afghan brethren and their families—We will work earnestly with other international organizations to place, care for, and safeguard our Afghan families. We stand at the forefront when it counts the most in these trying times,” informs Pete Quinn, CEO and Director of Ark Salus. 

The initiative is completely non-political and non-for-profit and has been conceptualised only to serve those who are struggling in Afghanistan and are willing to come out. 

The initiative is supported by Triton Electric Vehicles, USA. and informing about the initiative and Triton EV’s support, Mr Himanshu B Patel, Founder and Managing Director of Triton EV said, “This is an initiative which is created to help human lives in Afghanistan. I would like to thank the entire team of Ark Salus and their volunteers who are working day and night in helping those who need support. I feel that it is our responsibility and moral duty to do the best we can in support of such initiatives.”  

The ambitious plan of Ark Salus’ Operation on Wings of Eagle involves chartering private aircraft and safely marshalling the traumatized families from Afghanistan in preparation for their flights. The initiative has already saved close to 1200 Afghani people and locally strangled people from Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan in just less than 10 days. 

“We have a list of over 5000 people who need our support and they are struggling in their local homeland. We are working towards helping them out and for that, we are seeking support from philanthropists,” says Quinn.  

Sarat Kumar Rachulapalli, co-director and CFO of Ark Salus commented, “At this moment we are dedicatedly working on this mission by relying on donations and support. The initial donations contributed directly to the launching of the advance team. The advance team is led by a retired U.S. Air Force Special Operations veteran perfectly suited for the mission with experience in in-extremis conditions.” 

The purpose of the team is to coordinate with other relief organizations, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. military to deconflict airspace, and begin the heartbreaking duty of manifesting the refugees by priority. Following the Ark Salus charter, the primary populations to be evacuated are the former Afghan special operations personnel and their families. This group, including the families, are specifically being targeted by the Taliban for their immense impact during the 20-year war. More donations are needed however to fund the remainder of the rescue and advocacy plans.

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  1. Hello Dear Sir or Madam.
    I am one of the most vulnerable citizens of Afghanistan and I want to be transferred to the United State of America in the program of evacuation and transfer of vulnerable people from Afghanistan.
    I was a journalist in Paik-e-Adalat Magazine. The Paik-e-Adalat magazine was funded by philanthropic donations from the United States. It was published in Kabul against the clerical regime in Iran.

    And an employee in the Decrees, Directives, and Treaties Orders, Follow-Up Directorate of the Administrative office of the President.
    At the moment, I see my life and that of my family in danger From Iranian Spice and Taliban. Please Help me.

    Full Name: Tajuddin Hassani
    Date of Birth: 21/03/1987
    Tazkera No: 1399-0601-34556

    Ethnicity: Hazara
    Email Address:
    Phone number: +93706834896 – +93747828912
    Summary of my activities in projects and programs supported by the United States and their charitable contributions: I work for Paik-e-Adalat Magazine and Nedaye Hamdeli Magazine.
    A) Job Title or Position in Paik-e-Adalat Magazine: Designer, Writer and Editor of the Courier Magazine Website from July 2008 until Jan 2011.
    B) Job Title or Position in Nedaye Hamdeli Magazine: Manager and Design from 2012 up 2013. I was the managing editor of Nedaye Hamdeli magazine, which was published to strengthen and improve women’s capacity.

    C) Paik-e-Adalat Website: The contents of this website were not acceptable to Iran and the website was hacked twice. Now my life and my family are in danger from the Taliban and Iranian spies.

    The two-week Paik-e-Adalat magazine achieved the biggest achievement for three years by implementing Iran’s anti-human activities policy and destructive interventions in Afghanistan, which has been the same change in the opinions of Shia youth in cities and villages toward Iran and Velayat-e Faqih in Afghanistan. In each issue of the magazine, articles were published against Iran and their activities in the region and Afghanistan. For example, in Magazine 7 Number on Jan/4/2010, a cartoon of Khomeini and Khamenei was published with the sign of Chalipa, which had provoked the anger of the mullahs of our district and threatened me with a grave sin and murder on top of the pulpit.

    ­­­D) Work History in Government: Ministry of Finance and Administrative office of the president from 14/May 2012 until 15/August/2021.

    Positon: Governmental Companies Follow Up Expert and Geneva Commitments Reporting Specialist.
    Family Members: I am currently the head of my own family and my parents live with me. Their lives are at risk of death through my activities.

    1. Roqia Saberi D/O Amanullah, (Tazkera No: 438483
    2. Bahram Hassani, Tazkera No: 1399-0601-34566
    3. Ahmad Hassani, Tazkera No: 4073606
    4. Sakina Hassani, Tazkera No: 4316331
    Mobile No: +93706834896
    Mobile/WhatsApp No: +93706834896
    Current Add: Dasht-e-Barchi, Golaee Mahtab Qala Station, and Kabul, Afghanistan.
    Please find the attached Media documents and work History for your kind Information.

    Best regarded

    Tajuddin Hassani

    My life and my family are really in danger.
    Paik-e-Adalat Magazine was funded by the Political / Military (Special Force) Division of the United States.
    The activity of this magazine was against the system of the clerical regime and Velayat-e Faqih of Iran.
    The magazine operated for three years and was distributed in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Bamyan, Kandahar, Daikundi, and Herat, Ghazni, Uruzgan and Maidan Wardak provinces.
    For example: for the first time, a photo of Khomeini and Khamenei, the religious leaders of Iran, was published as a caricature with a red cross on the page of the magazine and inside the text of the article, which provoked strong reactions from Shiite mullahs affiliated with the Iranian regime. Even my uncles threatened me about why I did this.
    I have been threatened several times by Shiite mullahs and clerics from Iran who carried out religious activities in our hometown. I have even been threatened by telephone calls by people affiliated with parties affiliated with the Iranian regime in Kabul.
    Because I was an employee of the office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the former government, I was in a good position in terms of security.
    Unfortunately, with the fall of the former government and the domination of the Taliban in Afghanistan, my life and that of my family are in serious danger.
    1. Iranian spies who are present in the form of Taliban in different areas and even in Kabul city, they have several areas that cooperate with the Taliban and my activities in the courier magazine of justice through the same mullahs in my hometown to the officials of the seminary in Qom Iran has been reported. Iran tried to close our office through national security, but failed, but the website of the courier magazine ( was hacked twice.
    2. I have served as a millennial minority for ten years in the Office of the President (Decrees, Directives, and Treaties Orders, Follow-Up Directorate of the President), and now my life is in danger in this area as well.
    As far as I know, some people have reported my situation in Daikundi province to the Taliban, and in this situation, if I go back there, like the 14 civilian and military personnel who were shot by the Taliban in Daikundi, my fate will be the same.
    In the activities section of the magazine and the danger to my life, you can contact Mohammad Zaman Atrafi, who was the editor-in-chief of the Paik-e-Adalat magazine and liaison with the US Embassy. He is also Afghan / American. That is, he is also an American citizen.
    Email Add:
    What Sapp #: +930795796886
    Thank you

  2. Hello dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is muzhgan sadat a volleyball national player of Afghanistan. I am working on my team’s to evacuate them from Afghanistan with NOC. We contacted through Olympic address all relevant organizations but we have not received any response yet. Volleyball national players are stuck in kabul and their lives are in danger as the Taliban took over the country. We lost one of our players on August and we don’t want to lose them anymore. We need your help to support us to be evacuated from kabul. Please kindly help us and and give us an opportunity to live peacefully following our mission and sports dreams. I just sent you an email and attached the list with confirmation letter from volleyball federation.

    Our interviews are also published by Voice of American news and BBC UK but still we couldn’t find any one to support the team.

    Please please help women national volleyball players to come out of Afghanistan.

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