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Why You Should Play Bingo Jackpot Game in India?

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Bingo game dates back to 1920s when it originated in Germany and was called “beano”. Back then, it was played on a card with a 5 by 5 grid of numbers. As the caller drew numbers, the players used to place a bean if the drawn number was there on their card and the players whose all numbers in a row were called shouted “Beano” and won a kewpie doll.

There was a time in between when it was thought to be the oldies’ or housewives’ game but not anymore. The online version of the game has made it popular among people from all walks of life regardless of their race, colour or nationality. The online platforms like Lottoland, which is a world leader in offering international lottery games, have contributed a lot to its popularity.

How Can One Play Bingo in India?

Talking specifically about India, it is getting popular in the country through these online sites. Indian Bingo enthusiasts who wish to try their luck with this game have the option of online websites like Lottoland. Bingo games is considered as a gambling game and hence need to be played only through these online websites that offer it.

The draws of any lottery or bingo that one plays should not happen on the Indian land. It should happen in a foreign land so that the Indian law of gambling is not applicable to them. So, one can play bingo jackpot game in India from these websites, which offer bingo games happening on some foreign lands.

Why Play Bingo?

Playing bingo jackpot game in India provides an excellent opportunity to earn some quick money besides enjoying the fun it provides. After a long day at work, it provides the required relaxation and that too from the comforts of your own home. The websites provide an excellent opportunity to play this game from anywhere and anytime.

One of the main reasons why players from India should try their hand in this game is apparently the prizes offered by the online platforms, which is one of the best. The bonuses offered by these sites are also very attractive.

The other benefit of playing this game online, besides giving the opportunity to earn some money, is the chance of meeting lots of new like-minded people. There are bingo sites out there with a social network of thousands of players. You can not only play with them but make friends too. You can also learn new skills from your bingo playmates.

Look for a good online platform with simplicity and secure gaming so that you can be encouraged to play with more involvement.

How to Play Bingo Online?

As the game involves multiple players, it has to start according to a pre-arranged schedule. But, on popular sites, you will find a new game starting every few minutes and hence you don’t need to wait long. Let’s say you have registered on Lottoland. To play bingo jackpot game here, you have to select between 1 and 6 cards and then hit the play button. There is an auto-play function, which helps in taking in multiple games at one go.

If you are playing it for the first time, you should go through the important information regarding rules, gameplay, banking and more at the website.

Bingo has always been a social game and in its online version too, the same is maintained with chat room features on many of the websites that offer it.

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