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Relentless Hard Work is Only Mantra of Sohail – A 14 Year Old Football Star in Making

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They say, if you start young, you gain a lot of experience and knowledge along the way and get years ahead of others. Is it the ultimate formula of success? One can never say but we can always look up to those who follow it and seek inspiration. Sohail Sayyed, a young 14 year old budding footballer and football enthusiast is one such example in our trove.

Sohail Sayyed


Sohail has many dreams and those dreams make him reach for the stars but he begins his journey with small steps. His interest in football began at a ripe age of seven and ever since then he has been practicing the game and honing his skills. So many years into the game and he is still learning everyday. His father Sayyed Shahbuddin Basha regularly renders his support and advice to his son as he believes in him and dreams to see Sohail play for the national team and be a successful player.


Sohail is currently studying in Sharda Mandir School and is the captain of the school’s football team and has played many matches against other school teams. He recalls one such specific match where his team reached the semi-finals. He mentioned the glory of that match and the fact that he scored as many as 16 goals for the team. Sohail has also played for FC Goa and scored 2 goals in three matches during his time with the club.


Sohail is passionate and wants to gain first hand experience of the game because ultimately his aim is to play for the Indian football team on both national and international level. He understands that his aim requires dedication and immense comprehension of the skills of the game. He trains for his future rigorously. He says he’s an early riser and trains a lot.


Sohail mentioned in a candid conversation, “My one ardent aim is to play professionally and also take part in the Premier League. I know that requires a lot of hard work and determination and I understand to be successful we should rely only on these traits. I train and exercise a lot and in the evenings I go to the gym. I believe that football requires physical, mental and emotional strength and I work hard to acquire equilibrium in these areas.”


Sohail is heavily inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo and Erling Braut Håland. He says they are his supreme role models and never misses their matches. He aspires to play like them in the future and wishes to surpass them, someday.


Sohail is a go-getter and an enthusiast. He loves football to the core. His relentless passion and determination have not gone unnoticeable. He has gathered the attention and patronage of Mr. Sikander Mirza. Mr Mirza is a businessman, sports sponsor and heads – Mirza Youth Foundation. He says he adores the passion of Sohail and thus took up the task to be his sponsor. Sohail has also been selected to play for the national team from under 16. His utmost commitment and zeal has won him this feat. Mr, Mirza believes in Sohail’s capabilities to be a national champion.


Sohail has also found the patronage and support of boxer turned boxing promoter, Amjad Khan and his foundation. Amjad regularly supports and motivates Sohail to bring out the best in him.


Sohail is a story of avidness and passion towards his goal. He inspires us to never give up. Such talent should be promoted and looked after, for the future rests in their hands!

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