New International Podcast 'betterthanPeter' Launched

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New Update
  • Reham Khan featured as the First Podcast Guest

  • Titled better talks with betterthanPeter the first episode releases on December 3rd

  • Available on all major platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana and others

A new International podcast has been launched known as 'betterthanPeter' which endeavours to bring guests from different genres, cultures with interesting stories to share. Titled better talks with betterthanPeter the first episode airs on December 3rd on all major platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana and others. The first podcast guest is celebrated personality Reham Khan, British-Pakistani journalist, author, and filmmaker and the teaser of the upcoming epsiode can be viewed on the Betterthanpeterpodcast Instagram page.


Rohan Bhardwaj, Director - betterthanPeter Podcast

According to Rohan Bhardwaj, Director - betterthanPeter Podcast, "With an estimated 40 million podcast listeners in India, the sector is witnessing a 60% growth as new firms and new shows swamp the market. Moreover, the pandemic has increased the reach of people and more people are tuning to the different content." He further added that with our unique podcast, we aim to reach out to millennials and create a niche audience making listening to podcast as a habit. There has been long hours of continuous work before releasing the podcast with ample research, reaching out to potential guests, editing and promoting across social media channels.

betterthanPeter podcast focuses on conversations with Rohan Bhardwaj as the talk show host. The guest will be the hero of the show and the audience will definitely hear something that they have not heard before. For Instance, Reham Khan cannot live without Spotify or one of his upcoming high profile guests wakes up at 3:45 am every day.

About Rohan Bhardwaj

Rohan Bhardwaj is the director of new international podcast betterthanPeter. At the start of 2020, Rohan was planning to launch a dating App by the same name and received pre-seed funding. But with the pandemic, he had to abort the idea as it was a time of uncertainty. After taking a month completely off and listening to an insane number of podcasts, Bhardwaj woke up with the idea of pivoting and launching his own podcast keeping the same brand name. A huge admirer of Gary Vee and making lemonade from lemon, he committed fully in research and understanding the podcast market and with persistence the idea of betterthanPeter Podcast became a reality.

With a diverse 15 years of experience, Rohan has been an entrepreneur and marketer for International Brands like Burger King, Applebees and worked in six different International markets. With such vast experience, Rohan has travelled extensively across India, US, Dubai understanding the consumer behaviour, needs of each market from brand perspective. It was this understanding which has led to his new venture.

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