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Decorpot Made Interior Designing Accessible to Everyone

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A few years before, professional interior designing for homes isn’t something that everyone can afford. On the other hand, doing the work independently without an interior designer to take charge could result in a huge mismatch between the expectations and delivered designs. One of Decorpot‘s Founders, Mr. Deepak Agarwal went through the same issue that led him to begin an interior design company in Bangalore with Mr. Kanishka Agarwal, Mr. Swapan Samal and Mr. Shubhashish Shomil.

Interior Designers in Bangalore – Decorpot

For any middle-class family, spending huge bucks on beautiful interiors on top of the house cost is a luxury. However, Decorpot has bridged this gap of expensive prices and aesthetic living with affordable, top-quality interiors in Bangalore.

Mr. Deepak Agarwal, when talking about the idea that led to this company, said, “We wanted to start something that provides complete solutions for interior designing at rates feasible for everyone – right from the conceptualization of the ideas to procuring the raw materials and finishing the interiors in style at par with the global standards.”

With handpicked home interior designers in Bangalore and affordable pricing, Decorpot has become one of the go-to choices to design stunning, functional spaces. Decorpots team of Interior Designers in Bangalore is quite capable of breathing life into any raw space and turning them into an appealing, heavenly home.

The team sits down with the client to discuss the specifics they have in mind, infuses their creativity into the process and comes up with a well-laid interior plan. They also offer 2D and 3D visualization that gives the house owners a peek into the actual appearance of the house with the interiors.

The interior design products used by Decorpot are of the best quality and have a very long lifetime. Customer satisfaction is the top priority for the team at Decorpot and, therefore, they provide a 5-year comprehensive warranty after the project delivery. With such world-class customer service packaged at budget-friendly rates and customizable according to the individual’s budget, Decorpot is making a difference in the interior design space of Bangalore.

About Decorpot

Decorpot was founded in the year 2015 to provide interior design services at affordable rates in Bangalore. Decorpot has worked on more than 1500 end-to-end interior design projects for apartments, condos, bungalows, villas and home renovations. Decorpot has recently opened a new Design Experience Centre in Whitefield, Bangalore to provide a whole experience of various design styles.

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