BLUMART - A Sunny Group Initiative, a Revolutionary Convenience Platform for Retailers, Distributors, Super Stockists, Manufacturers and Brand Owners Nationwide

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Sunny Pandey, Chairman and Managing Director of Sunny Group, will be launching a national initiative in Mumbai soon, named "BLUMART". A virtual platform for FMCG trade partners which is innovative and convenient. What started as a venture 40 years ago, now under the guidance and sheer brilliance of Sunny Pandey, as a company of Home Care Products has now worked its way into every kind of industry there is in the market. Sunny Group is an amalgamation of several companies and ventures that run on similar ideologies.


Sunny Pandey, Chairman and Managing Director of Sunny Group

Sunny Pandey, the dynamic entrepreneurial force behind Sunny Home Care products has his roots spread into the IT, Hospitality and Education sector. Another entity formed by him, named Izysk, is what will be the launching support behind "BLUMART". Sunny has believed and built all his companies on a certain set of ideologies. There is no room for error as we don't wish to settle for good or great, our work and services have been the best in the market and shall remain so. We believe in quality work being a major priority as our services speak volumes about our entire brand.

As we walk into the field of a virtual market, we bring you, "BLUMART", an app that provides you guidance and helps you navigate to your service of choice in the online market. Like the other companies under the umbrella of Sunny Group, BLUMART too works on the principle of providing timely and quality services as a top principle. It is a platform created to be of utmost convenience to all retailers, manufacturers, brand owners, super stockists, distributors and wholesalers in the market of FMCG goods.

"BLUMART" app is created to help vendors understand and accept digitalization of the new market. The process of selling, buying and trading is going through a revolutionary change and a lot of businessmen are losing business opportunities due to the lack of technological help and availability of information. Bringing back business to many and helping the rest prosper is our motto. We wish to go global with this initiative and help make profits for generations to come.

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