Bangalore Watch Company™ Launches Watch Collection to Celebrate Indian Cricket

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In the spirit of producing world-class wristwatches that tell stories from India, Bangalore Watch Company™ announces a new watch collection that pays tribute to Indian Cricket. With this release, Bangalore Watch Company™ becomes the first watch brand to create a specific line of automatic watches to celebrate cricket in India, aptly named: Cover Drive.


Cover Drive watch in the Outfield variant green dial

"Brought to India during the British occupation, and played only in pockets until the early 1900s, cricket has remained a gentleman's game. It has now taken the coveted spot of the nation's favorite pastime. Cricket has the magic of bringing the entire nation together. We are launching a classic urban-sports watch that celebrates Indian Cricket through its design," says Mercy Amalraj, Founder and Head of Customer Experience.

The watches have design features that borrow from cricket. The primary 12 O'clock marker is shaped like the wicket, markers 4 and 6 are prominently displayed on the dial denoting the boundary shots, the seconds-hand is designed in the form of a cricket bat, and the watches come with an innovative mechanism that allows the wearer to track elapsed 50 overs, or 20 overs during the game, using their wristwatch.

"Our customers are young executives and business owners, Cover Drive collection adds to their collection of watches as an urban-sports option. This collection of watches not only serve their purpose as an accessory but allows the wearer to be part of their favorite cricket games this season. The design features of this watch are first-of-its-kind," says Nirupesh Joshi, Founder and Creative Director of the company.

The collection consists of three watches - the Outfield with a green dial, the Pitch with a pale brown dial, and the Pavilion with a matte black dial. All three watches are powered by Swiss Automatic movements and Sapphire crystals with cases formed with Surgical-grade steel. The collections are designed and built in Bangalore, they are priced at INR 56,680/- and available for purchase directly from the Bangalore Watch Company™ website for shipping worldwide.

About Bangalore Watch Company™

Bangalore Watch Company™ produces world-class, affordable luxury wristwatches from India. Each collection, produced in limited numbers, tells stories inspired by 21st century India. Founded in India's watchmaking ground-zero, Bengaluru couple Nirupesh Joshi and Mercy Amalraj left behind their tech-consulting careers overseas. They returned to India to start Bangalore Watch Company™. With a debut in 2018, the brand has built an enthusiastic following around the world, with patrons in over 30 countries.

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