Akash Ahuja is the First Indian Artist on the Times Square Billboard

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Dec 17, 2020 18:27 IST
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We have witnessed many Indian artists making tremendous progress this year, garnering themselves the much-awaited International spotlight. However, there have many headlines claiming three different artists as "The First Indian artist on a Times Square Billboard".


Akash Ahuja on Times Square Billboard in February 2020

Now, recent reports suggest that in the month of February 2020, Akash Ahuja was featured on the billboard in Times Square for his song 'Come Closer'. In March 2020, Armaan Malik had a billboard in Times Square for his single 'Control'. Finally, in December 2020, Divine had a billboard in Times Square for his album 'Punya Paap'.


Akash Ahuja

Thus, the first Indian artist to be on a Times Square Billboard this year is Akash Ahuja. He has also received a lot of love and support from other international stars like Jay Sean, Akon, Snoop Dog and Russell Peters for his hit new song Aaja Soniye which got over a million views in just the first week of its release.

Aaja Soniye Official Music Video: .

Since Akash Ahuja is an Independent artist who poses a serious threat of outperforming others, many are keeping a keen eye on him. Looks like he's set to take the industry by storm.

For more updates on Akash Ahuja, follow him on Instagram: @akashlife.

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