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5 Possible Consequences of Riding Your Bike Without Insurance Policy

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As we all know, motor insurance is mandatory in India. You simply cannot ride your bike unless you get a 2 wheeler insurance plan. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from and you can find some very good plans. If however, you happen to ride without a valid insurance cover, you can land in some very deep trouble. Take a look at this article to know what the dangerous consequences of not having a bike insurance cover can be and how you can prevent such situations from arising.

Possible consequences of not having bike insurance

Listed below are the situations you can land in if you are found to be riding your vehicle without insurance coverage:

  1. Fine and imprisonment: Since it is a legal requirement to have 2 wheeler insurance in India, you will land in some serious trouble with the police if you are found to be riding without insurance. You may be arrested and sent to jail for committing this offence. You may also be slapped a hefty fine and asked to pay the amount to a court for violating the insurance-related traffic rules of the country.
  2. Legal trouble: As stated above, you will land in a legal battle if you do not buy bike insurance online before taking the vehicle out on the streets. A bike plan offers a legal cover. If you are dragged to court by a third party after an accident, you can fight the case in the court. For this, the insurance provider will compensate you. You need this backing, as legal expenses are very high in India. So do keep your policy coverage ready at all times and stay prepared for any misfortune that may strike.
  3. No third-party compensation: You can buy a third party insurance cover or a comprehensive insurance cover. In both these types of plans, you get protection against all third-party damages. If you get involved in an accident that leaves a third party injured, you are obligated to pay the expenses for his/her treatment. Also, if you happen to damage a third-party property, you have to pay for it to get repaired. These expenses can be pretty high and in the absence of a bike insurance plan, you have to bear them yourself. Doing this will surely drill a deep hole in your pocket and prove to be a disastrous consequence of not buying a bike insurance policy.
  4. No own-damage claim: When you buy bike insurance online, you get to choose between a third party insurance plan and a comprehensive plan. If you get a comprehensive plan, you get a cover for your own vehicle. If there is an accident after that, you can make a claim and your insurance provider will give you compensation for the damages sustained to your own bike. This is very helpful as the claim amount allows you to get your bike repaired. In the absence of this coverage, you have to pay the bills yourself. At times, your financial health may not be strong enough to afford the repairs and this can even lead to you losing the bike.
  5. No personal accident cover: A bike insurance plan offers a personal accident cover. This cover pays a death benefit to your nominees if you die in a road accident. It also pays you compensation if you are left permanently disabled after a mishap.

In conclusion

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, it is absolutely vital for you to get a good 2 wheeler insurance policy. Such plans don’t cost too much and are easily available. They offer many benefits too. So be wise and get the cover. Never risk riding without it, as the consequences can be disastrous.

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