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Change of Address: Steps to Follow for Updating Your Bike Insurance Policy

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A bike insurance policy contains some very important information regarding your vehicle as well as your personal details. Among them, is your residence address. This is why it is vital for you to get your policy documents updated if you change your address. Some steps are involved in the process and in certain cases, you need to make some payments as well. Read on to know more.

When does the address change?

Your address can change due to a number of reasons. Firstly, you can move from one rented accommodation to the other. Else, you can move from a rented house to your own house. Alternatively, you may change your city or even state of residence due to a new job opportunity or some other personal change like marriage. In all of these cases, you need to change the address on your 2 wheeler insurance plan if you carry the same vehicle with you after your shift.

How to change the address?

To change the address on your bike insurance papers, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Application: First and foremost, you need to make an application to change your address details on the Certificate of Registration of a Motor Vehicle. For this, you need to fill Form 33 and submit it along with a fee of Rs 20.
  • Documents: To complete the process of changing your name on the 2 wheeler insurance papers, you need to submit Form 33, along with a proof of your new residence. You also need to submit a copy of the RC book.

Registration in the new state

If you have shifted from one state to the other, you need to alter the registration of the bike. Your bike insurance premium amount may also change as the geographic location of your residence affects the premium price. A higher premium is charged in the tier 1 cities, as compared to the tier 2 and 3 cities. So you need to get this step done. For this you need to follow these steps:

  1. Application: Make an application for the change of registration. This has to be done by filling up Form 27.
  2. Documents: Along with Form 27, you need to submit these documents:
  • RC book
  • Address proof
  • NOC certificate
  • Bike insurance certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Tax receipts

Once you complete these steps and submit the documents, your bike will have new registration. You can then get the insurance papers changed accordingly. You get a one-year window to change the address and registration. So you may wait till you renew two wheeler insurance to do it. But it is highly recommended for you to do it at the earliest and keep your insurance documents updated.

Why is it important to update the details?

There are some very logical reasons why you must update the details on your bike insurance documents as soon as there is a change in your address. They are:

  • Legal requirement: It is legally required for you to have your correct personal details on the insurance papers. So get the address changed as soon as it needs to be done.
  • Works as an address proof: Your policy documents may work as an address proof. Therefore, rather than maintaining the old address where you don’t live anymore, get it updated and use the documents wisely.
  • Helps in claim settlement: Finally, you will get your claim settled smoothly if the details are accurate on your insurance papers. If there is a discrepancy in your address, your claim may be held back. This will lead to unnecessary problems.

In a nutshell

Do not delay the process of updating your personal details on your motor insurance plan. The process is simple and offers many benefits. So keep your policy updated and also renew two wheeler insurance on time to have a hassle-free insurance experience always.

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