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6 Easy Bike Maintenance Tips to Follow Before Embarking on that Long Trip

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Despite advancements in technology and reduced travel time via aeroplanes and trains, touring the country on a motorcycle is a love affair that refuses to die. Each year, thousands of bike lovers take out their precious machines to go on that much-awaited long trip across multiple cities and state lines. 

Now, if you’re planning something like this, you should make sure a few things are in order. From your bike insurance papers to the engine fuel, here are six helpful pointers that will make sure your bike remains safe and performs like a panther on this long trip: 

  1. Get your insurance in order

You should own active vehicle insurance for your two-wheeler. Contact an insurance company or visit an aggregator website right away to buy bike insurance if you don’t have one or if your policy has expired. Firstly, you must know that it is mandatory for all vehicles to be insured. Secondly, if something untoward were to happen, the policy would take care of all the expenses saving you from a financial pinch. 

  1. Check the engine oil 

Without a good quality engine oil, your bike’s performance will suffer. So, before you leave for the trip, visit a garage and get the oil checked. Always remember to change the oil regularly because it helps the engine stay efficient and ensures its longevity as well. 

  1. Clean the air filters 

The job of air filters is to catch unwanted and harmful particles like dust and dirt from coming into contact with the important parts of the bike such as valves and cylinders. Make sure to clean your bike’s air filters before embarking on the trip. Most come in a paper or foam-like element. For the former, open the tap and let freshwater pass through it, this will dislodge the dirt and for the latter, soak in a solvent, dry, and then re-oil it.

  1. Be careful with the brakes 

When on the road, finding that your brakes aren’t working is nothing short of a nightmare. So you should get them checked at least twice from a mechanic to ensure they work smoothly and avoid any accidents or injuries. 

  1. Ensure the tyres are in good conditions

Before heading for your trip, you should make a thorough inspection of the bike’s tyre conditions. First, check the alignment because incorrect alignment will reduce the tyre’s lifespan and affect straight wheel travel. Two, aim for recommended pressure because it positively affects tyre longevity and makes for a smoother trip. 

  1. Prepare for the worst 

Despite our best intentions, untoward accidents do happen. One way to limit such accidents’ harm is to choose a zero depreciation bike insurance cover. If your bike goes for a total toss and is unrecoverable, then the comprehensive insurance company won’t hold back money citing depreciation. You get the complete value of the bike as the claim amount.

Follow these six effective pointers and your bike will prove a trusty companion than a dubious machine which will most likely ruin your long trip even before you’ve crossed the city roads.

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