‘Services Holds Great Prospects for Indo-US Business Relations’

‘Services Holds Great Prospects for Indo-US Business Relations’

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India and the United States are considered as two powers of this earth from the economy and trade perspective. It is a great sign for economy that the two great nations are coming forward and getting closer to each other on strategic terms as well as on business engagements. In an exclusive discussion with Dr Lalit Bhasin, Regional President of Indo American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), Faiz Askari of SMEStreet found some key priority areas for India and US trade.

On the backdrop of 10th Indo-US Economic Summit, Mr Bhasin highlighted some key opportunities for IACC and shared his vision for next few years.

The edited excerpts:

According to you, what are the key priorities for enhancing India and US relations?

I believe that services sector holds great prospect for India and US business ties. Indian services industry has proven it’s worth and capability world over. The US is not untouched with Indian services sector strengths and offerings. Now, I feel that the biggest opportunity for India and US business relations is services sector.

What will be IACC’s role in bringing Indian and US closer to each other on economic ties?

Our association has equal participation from Indian and US based businesses. We understand the issues involved in doing business together between India and the US. IACC is a bilateral chamber and we are working towards promoting business and economic relations 1960s.

Considering the present socio-economic scenario between India and the US, what expectations do you have?

The strategic relations between India and the US are extremely positive at this moment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit was a great success and it also gave great positive indications for business ties. PM Modi’s leadership is positively acknowledged by the US leadership.


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