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Digital Transformation Influencing Productivity For Businesses

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Technology is transforming and it is transforming the entire business ecosystem around us. Managing information is an area that has completely changed over the past few years. In order to understand where are we heading through this digital transformation, it is important for us to hear from experts who are experiencing this entire change process. In a conversation with Rajat Singhania-Founder of SocioRAC, we at SMEStreet found some interesting insights on the ongoing digital transformation.

Here is the edited excerpts:

SMEStreet: What is HyLyt and what does HyLyt solve?
Ans. HyLyt, a secured, patent-pending global B2B SAAS platform provides users information management and collaboration platform. HyLyt is solving the problem of saving, organizing and managing information, the problem of data overload in today’s digital age. HyLyt helps in managing all the information and then converse and collaborate in a controlled environment with all the stakeholders. In addition, HyLyt helps in enhancing productivity, prevent data leakage and have a 360 view of all information that matters.

SS. Who are the target group of HyLyt?

Ans. Our target customers are “everyone” because we all have information which we need to manage but let’s talk about our target initially. Let’s categorize it in two ways:
(1) Job function and (2) Business Vertical.
So, if I talk about Job function –
A) Decision makers: could be business owners, ‘C’ level executives or anybody who is in senior management.
B) Anybody who is part of a remote team: could be people working from home, it could be salespeople on the field, it could be project teams at sites, it could be service people taking care of customers or it could even be satellite/ branch locations, where we have few people taking care of the branch office or businesses who have multiple locations.
C) People where information equals money: now we all know time equals money but for some people information equals money. These could be consultants, advisors, lawyers and research teams. For these three segments HyLyt is something they need and they are losing money and they are harming themselves if they are not using HyLyt.

SS. What are the some key features of HyLyt for the users?

Ans. HyLyt gives users patent pending options to restrict people from sharing and forwarding information received by them and to remove all information from any user once he/ she leaves the organization or to even transfer to a new user who joins. Thus, All data on HyLyt has end to end encryption; Even at the device level, it can be decrypted and viewed through HyLyt only. One can also host the entire data on a server of their choice anywhere in the World.

Searching Data with HyLyt is easy as it can optimize its search options and converge similar information based on multiple conditions on real time basis. The latest addition to its features allows HyLyt to conduct searches across different file formats on fourteen different search criterions. This global unified information management and collaboration platform offers multiple filters on information to create customized views that help towards business information supervision and decision making in real time without time lag and enable users to operate through a single click.

SS. How are you performing currently?

Ans. The pandemic has reinforced the need for a product like HyLyt. This has led to the growth & of knowledge management. Our user base has been increasing at a steady rate and we have acquired more than 1000 users in the last 4 months.

SS. Where are your start-up services spread?

Ans. We have a strong presence in India and plan to expand in the USA and after that maybe in UAE & Singapore also.

SS. Please enumerate your plans for the year 2021.

Ans. We started with an aim to be the go-to product for people when they think about information management. While most products work vertically, we are working horizontally, which is our USP and gives us a unique place in the minds of the consumer. We have a powerful roadmap for 2021 and would be adding AI, location and voice-based functions to make the product even more useful and powerful for users in addition to API integrations to other leading products.

Faiz Askari

Faiz is a mediapreneur specialised in Small Business and Technology domain.

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