How Digital Consumption is Transforming in India?

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Article By Taher Mandiwala, Co-Founder and CTO, Hats Off Digital

The country with a population of 1.3 billion people irrespective of the fact that they have a shelter above themselves or no but one thing always seen in bonds with them is some piece of technology like a mobile phone with internet or a laptop/gadget in accordance with the growing digital revolution.

Every day it’s a new challenge being faced or fresh story being heard on how digital consumption has changed in a country like ours and how has it laid an impact on our minds or rather our daily scheduled activities where at least 10 hours are spent at an ease on digital media some form or the other Now maximum youth is having Netflix or Amazon prime either as a subscription or being shared between a group of people by using the same details over and over again. Now cinema-goers have quite diverted to all these online streaming platforms or movie website portals which have been a gift of convenience. The flock jumps to where there is better availability of information and entertainment and is progressing with the changes.

By 2020 India will be the leader in broadband connections, internet services and also mobile network providers. there could be chances of many services then being offered exclusively through internet website and apps which could probably control our lives and make it systematic, just like sites Amazon have made it possible to acquire products at one click. Television consumption would exist but diminish due to the digital savvy youth who are offered personalized content which is now given an upper hand in any industry be it that of media or any other form of information and a seamless access and experience, there now exist no more half an hour limit restrictions, there are series available at stretches, platforms where people can engage and get their ideas and thoughts across through social media platforms due to emerging excellence of digital media also its spread its foray in =to regional languages thus widening the audience enabling everybody to be a part of digital consumption,

Digi gaming has increased, on demand content is available at a cheaper rate as the earning population is increasing, the user base growth is impending and great which has now led to internet traffic now being generated through mobile sources than desktop traffic.

Digital media is a galaxy of opportunities which is now a platform for E-governance, banking and great area for education too which is provided support to a lot of people globally and also in rural places where now they get the recent updates in a jiffy. Now everything is getting changed, traditional media or other forms are all being replaced by newer technologies due to the advent of be it Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and most importantly GOOGLE which has truly revolutionised the meaning of digital world bringing India at par with the top players already in this game. Marketers also are increasing their budgets for ads on digital foreground as the true fact lies down that it’s a vast pool of opportunities and lead generation, thus it’s the best for now a brand to delve into this rather than direct marketing or old methods to come to the top. Now eyes are more glued to ipads or mobile phones than television for binge watching shows, or for that matter studies done through videos and tutorials available online rather than books, or shopping which is now no more done in brick and mortar stores, or advises seek through or food recipes searched for to get over our inquiries and hobbies.

Finally, we come back to our point of increase in the digital consumption in India, which has always been at a high rate and will continue to forever over the years to come and, the most amazing part of this digital consumption that is increasing is that there is no limit to people’s thirst for newer and unique ideas, which we can see is changing with the changing trends. The end to this would be that this only is step to elevation of more digital consumption and victories that will bring success and also change the functioning of humans who are now dependent for nooks and crooks on this world of digital gaga.

Faiz Askari

Faiz is a mediapreneur specialised in Small Business and Technology domain.

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