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‘Content Security Must be considered as a Major Concern for Customer Engagement’

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By Faiz Askari, Founder Editor, SMEStreet

In a conversation with SMEStreet, Nitesh Thattasery, CEO & Founder of Waulite Technologies explained market trends in retail and OOH content management services and highlighted some opportunities relevant for the customer engagements.

The edited excerpts:

What are the key challenges in today’s customer engagements?

Content security is one of the biggest challenges. The recent fiasco at Delhi Metro has heightened the need for highly secure solutions in public spaces and increased the demand for Waulite’s content management solutions – Wauly. The other challenge is scalability, with industry growth rates expected to be at all time high in digital signage’s, OOH and retail companies will need to work with solutions that are easily scalable and yet very secure.

Which are the new areas in customer or market communications strategies, on which your team is working?

We are focused in improving the user and content management experience of our products. Wauly will very soon bring in special analytics that will help the Media Asset owners achieve very targeted content display solutions giving them and their clients far better ROI and sharper media targeting. Banks and Retail continues to be our largest vertical in India and globally. Organisations who have presence in multiple retail outlets will find digital POS system more affordable, responsive and effective compared to conventional paper and tiny based POS items.

Please share a glimpse about your organizations strengths?

We are an enterprise grade software solutions company, specializing in retail and OOH industry. Our cloud content delivery enterprise system Wauly – is the most secure and scalable digital signage system in the world.Our biggest strength is our software solutions which are indigenously built by our own engineers in India. We are proud to be a made in India brand in this space. This gives us the ability to adapt and modify our solutions as per our clients needs. Our Waulite PlayGlass box is one of its kind in India and we have filed for patents on it.

Which are the key focused industry verticals for your business?

We are focused on Retail and OOH content delivery systems which includes digital signage solutions and cloud based content delivery and reporting solutions. Our other key vertical is our display products – Waulite PlayGlass – a transparent glass TV for retail and PlayMirror – Mirror TV  . Both the products are available in multiple sizes with touch options.

What is the future road map for your business?  

The further is very exciting, our development teams are working on multiple projects that will bring about rapid leaps in the digital signage solutions industry. We are looking at far more connected and scalable ecosystems that will make the industry more leaner in technology costs and very optimized in asset utilization. We see the digital signage solutions expanding their foot print from traditional retail industry to corporate, hospitality and even governments. We are expanding our services to global markets… We have been responding to interests from Australia, SEA, US and Europe. We have set up a base in Australia and looking at servicing SEA and ANZ market from there. We are looking at collaborating with digital display implementation companies to expand our reach and services in India and other markets.

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