Innovative SME List

Innovative SME List of SMART50 entrepreneurs.Introducing  SMART50 Entrepreneurs Practicing Innovation in their Businesses

As you may know, SMEStreet is India’s fastest growing web based media platform for seasoned entrepreneurs from MSME segment and startups. The focus revolves around highlighting the core business issues and success stories around Micro, Small & Medium Businesses segment of India.

We publish news, analysis, interviews, success stories, market survey data etc. all aimed at the Small Business segment.

In this regard, SMEStreet has announced Innovative SME List of SMART50 entrepreneurs. This will be a showcase of 50 most interesting & innovative emerging businesses from various industry segments and business geographies.

The SMART50 will be a comprehensive listing of 50 key innovation driven businesses who would nominate themselves to become part of this listing. This listing will be finalized based on the evaluation of their nomination and due diligence of the SMEStreet editorial panel.

The nominees will be selected on the basis of their innovation factor or the innovation quotient which they are practicing in their business.

The listing of these select 50 companies will be based on certain parameters of their business practices. These parameters will examine their respective innovation driven business process which could be their marketing, product development, sales, HR policy, technology adoption, branding, etc. The businesses themselves have to nominate themselves, and justify their nominations.

Last Date for Nominations are 10th August 2016

Every Quarter we will announce this list along with a comprehensive PR activity.

SMEStreet Process for Inn’o’vative SME List

Comprehensive Outreach towards Indian MSMEs

Firstly, the entrepreneur/organization needs to submit their nominations through the form: displayed on the left of this page.

SMEStreet is also reaching out to key industry associations for their recommendations regarding the nominations.

Based on the nominations that SMEStreet receive, the editorial jury panel will then make their due diligence to validate the nominations.

The due intelligence might include one-on-one interaction with the entrepreneur.

Key Factors

The nominees must highlight their ‘innovative quotient’

The nominees must highlight the value their business has got from their ‘innovation quotient’.

There should be a brief mention on the business milestones achieved in last one year.

The nominee ideally should highlight their business roadmap

Key Benefits for the Listed Enterprises

There will be listing certification Media Exposure through PR

Media Exposure through PR excersise

The listed enterprises /businesses will be featured on SMETStreet as Success Stories

The Innovative SME List will be shared with High Profile Venture Capitalists and Business leadership experts for their advice.

The listed entrepreneurs will get highlighted on this fast growing platform where they will get exposure for expert guidance as well from SMEStreet’s circle of Influence.

These selected enterprises will get a chance to explore synergies for their business growth through efficient networking programs.

(NOTE: We are discussing with our partners and potential partners to make the rewards list even richer.)

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