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Zeon Lifesciences has Announced Collaboration with Vitonnix

Introduced a sublingual spray to meet the daily nutritional needs in association with UK-based company.

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Zeon Lifesciences, an Indian nutraceutical and herbal product manufacturer has collaborated with Vitonnix to launch a sublingual spray to meet the daily nutrient requirement. Zeon and Vitonnix have collaborated on the design and production of numerous products in this category for a variety of indications.

Zeon Lifesciences is engaged in collaborative novel research & technology and has a keen interest in the field of innovation. Given that nutraceuticals are a current trend, industry collaboration within the nutraceutical sector is essential to fostering technological growth and innovation that benefits both parties. Sublingual Sprays, a patented product created by doctors and pharmacy professionals after years of thorough research and development, are the product of the UK-based company, Vitonnix. Every component in sprays was added after numerous hours of study, discussion, and work to produce the best formulation. Prior to choosing the ideal blends, hundreds of combinations were tested to ensure that the patients and users see benefits.

Expressing his views on the development, Suresh Garg, MD, and Founder, of Zeon Lifesciences, stated “We’re excited to announce our new collaboration with Vitonnix as a significant step in our aspirations to grow. We are developing technologies to improve bioavailability and efficacy, which we want to include into formulations to improve efficacy. Sublingual sprays, which are patented and have been clinically shown to be effective and patient-compliant, have just added into our portfolio. We are also forming joint ventures with different businesses to produce cutting-edge products. In an effort to revolutionize medical innovation and research in India, Zeon continually supports creative and translational research.”

Expressing their views on the development, spokesperson, Vitonnix, stated Vitonnix UK has made game changing innovations redefining nutrition. It has brought its technology to India to help achieve a Kuposhan Mukt India just like a polio free India. Proud to have the country’s leading company, Zeon Lifesciences as its trusted manufacturing partner, in this amazing journey.


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