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Celebrating International Women’s Day

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On 8th March, it is a great pleasure for the entire team of SMEStreet to join the celebration of International Women’s Day.
In a personal opinion, for me, every day is a women day. because of their significantly important roles in our lives. Their role as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and business leaders and professionals creates our entire life stories. Without them, the stories cannot be conceptualized and with their contribution our lives become good. That’s why it becomes a great opportunity to thank and congratulate every women and girls around us for contributing whatever they have towards us.

At this time, we also would like to point out that in the last few decades social transformation is happening in a rapid space. In this transformation, we have to take a pledge of doing away with all the old perceptions towards gender biasedness and should eliminate all sorts of ideas and concepts which promotes gender inequality. Let’s improvise us through the process, lets unite for recognizing the potential of womanhood around our families, societies and professional world.

On 2021’s International Women’s Day we at SMEStreet Foundation, invite suggestions and recommendations to create a structured approach toward the status of the role of women in workplaces and women leadership. We are working on a nationwide campaign where a set of parameters will decide workplace efficiency through women and for women. We are seeking your inputs on naming this campaign and invite suggestions on this as well. 

Through this program, we will focus on creating success stories of women-led startups by highlighting women leaders in the entrepreneurship domain. We have an ongoing activity SMEStreet GameChangers, in this, we will have a dedicated focus on women-led success stories.

For this, you may connect with our team for suggestions and recommendations here.

Faiz Askari


Secretary-General, SMEStreet Foundation

Faiz Askari

Faiz is a mediapreneur specialised in Small Business and Technology domain.

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