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5 Incubator Platforms Accelerating The Culture of Startups in India

These incubators are generally associated with colleges or business schools and welcome participation from alumni, students, and other members of the community.

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Technological advancements have contributed significantly to the rapid growth of wealth creation in India, both for individuals and society as a whole. Many young entrepreneurs are eager to launch their ventures, but they may not feel completely ready to do so. Joining a startup incubator is one potential solution to this issue. These incubators are generally associated with colleges or business schools and welcome participation from alumni, students, and other members of the community. By fostering the development of innovative startups and creating future employment opportunities, these incubators benefit both individuals and the overall economy.:-

  1. IAN Incubator


Established in April 2006, the IAN startup incubator is backed by India’s angel network (IAN), the country’s largest group of angel investors supported by DST. Comprised of prominent leaders in the entrepreneurial sector, the IAN provides not only funding but also high-quality mentoring, vast networks, and valuable insights on strategy and execution. The IAN invests in a diverse range of sectors, including agriculture, e-commerce, gaming, internet, and mobile technology

2. T-Hub 

T-Hub (Technology Hub) is a premier innovation hub and ecosystem enabler based out of Hyderabad, India. T-Hub leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem and strives to create impact for startups, corporations and other ecosystem stakeholders. Incorporated in 2015, T-Hub has provided 2000+ national and international startups access to superior technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporates, investors and government agencies, among other innovation ecosystem stakeholders.

3. CIIE.CO :


CIIE.CO is a well known platform which helps early age startups in building relationships with industry, academic, government and investment partners. This Ahmedabad-based technology business incubator that supports early-stage deep-tech and climate-tech  startups by offering state-of-the-art incubation and scientific facilities.  Over the years CIIE.CO worked towards building successful companies from the incubator by designing and offering whatever is needed to make a startup successful.

4. IIML-Incubator


IIML-Incubator, an initiative of IIM Lucknow, serves as a trailblazer in transforming innovative concepts into successful enterprises. It operates under a separate council of the institute, which provides guidance for its operations. IIML-Incubator offers financial aid, mentorship, and infrastructure support to the startups during incubation. Additionally, it provides technical assistance from experts in various domains.

5. iCreate


iCreate is designed to provide a springboard to budding entrepreneurs who wish to launch into technology-based entrepreneurship careers. It’s an ecosystem that uses innovations and technology to encourage the creation of entrepreneurial capital. iCreate is an independent centre to foster “Next Generation Entrepreneurship,” which combines innovation, engineering, product design, and creativity to develop applications that are outside the box. Promoting a new ethos where people recognise and support entrepreneurship as a chosen career path aims to build quality entrepreneurs.


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