UP to get French Support to Revive Traditional Perfume ‘Itr’ Industry

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Akhilesh Yadav led UP Government wants to promote India’s traditional perfume, ‘Itr’, business in the state for which he is very close to signing a twin city agreement with Grasse, world’s perfume capital.

According to an official statement by the UP Government, Yadav, who made his political debut in Kannauj in 2000, said, “UP Government wants to promote the ‘Itr’ business as one of the primary businesses in the state.

“France can play a major role in this regard,” he said adding that the bilateral relation between India and France would be strengthened further through this business.

Yadav said that Kannauj is India’s perfume capital just like Grasse is world’s perfume capital.

The Kannauj-Grasse pact will facilitate technology exchange, ingredient sourcing and partnership among perfume manufacturers of the two cities. The pact is expected to revive and modernise the struggling indigenous perfume industry and help it tap international markets.

The UP CM said that the new technologies will help boosting the small perfume industry and will also give a boost to floriculture and farmers in the state. The pact will also bring up employment opportunities in the state.

He was confident that UP will emerge as one of the major hubs globally for the perfume industry.

He said that making ‘Gulkand’ tax free would be another step towards boosting floriculture in the state.

Besides a commercial tieup, the Kannauj-Grasse pact would also entail a branding exercise both for perfumes worn by people on their body and those used in food material. Agreement for sourcing of ingredients, plant extracts, and perfumes from Kannauj would be signed with Grasse.

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