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Entrepreneurs often struggle with the non-core business activities such as marketing. It is because of the fact that entrepreneurs would like to focus on their core expertise which is mostly engineering, product design etc. However, they somehow miss the opportunity as they tend to ignore actual consumers’ demands and behaviors with regards to the communication habits. As a matter of market fact, consumers find push notifications highly valuable.

This statement can be measures from a fact that more than seventy percent of 18 to 34 year old mobile subscribers prefer to enable push notifications on their phone. Similarly, email messages even after been categorized as ‘promotion’ are far more effective than conventional form of advertizing. These tricks are often gets ignored by entrepreneurs as they usually spend their time in managing their core business.

Here are some tips for utilizing the new modes of marketing.

1. Utilize New Media for your business promotions: Consider your marketing oriented messages like you would if you sent them out on social-media channels. Better still, focus on them like you would on writing a blog post for user engagement. The common thread is relevancy. Make these messages relevant to your customers.

2. Integrate with analytics. Relevancy of content increases when you send content to specific segments of customers. This means you have to know your customers well — what are they buying, what interests them, what they looked at but did not buy, etc.

Tracking these metrics through analytics will help you carve out relevant notifications for a specific customer.

3. Avoid Overloading. Don’t forget the common consumer’s tendency of getting sick of overdose communication. Don’t push content daily unless there’s a good reason. Communicate at appropriate intervals and at opportune times to get better conversions.

Find out when your customers are more engaged with your product/service and schedule your notifications to get more traction.

4. Differentiate. Don’t always push an offer or a deal. Think how Twitter and Facebook engages users by sending push notifications based on events. Some are subtle, yet generate enough interest to bring back users.

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