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‘Threats due to Vulnerable Environments’

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In an exclusive conversation with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet, Mr. Ripu Bajwa, Country Manager- Data Protection Solutions, India, Dell EMC explained the market trends, insights regarding data security and its acceptance among Indian Small Enterprise (SMEs) environment.

Edited excerpts:

Faiz Askari: How are the data security threats evolving among Indian Enterprises?

Ripu Bajwa: EMC Data Protection Indexstates that 39% of the Indian firms surveyed have experienced data loss resulting in losses worth over $1 million. Indian enterprises have been gaininga lot ofexposure and attention globally but these firms are at an increased risk emerging from various cyber threats due to old and vulnerable security solutions at work.The internet consumption in India has seen a rise from being 238 million last year to 360 million in the current year. One of the prime reasons for the increasing cyber security risks as well as the businesses is to counter these risks.

What should be the key parameters for selecting best possible security solution in today’s enterprise environment?

Organizations have improved a lot when it comes to protecting themselves against the traditional threats to data but introduction of new threats mean that despite progress, businesses are experiencing loss of data more than ever.While creating protection copies have emerged as a way to be prepared for accidental data loss, the problem still lies in the fact that when hackers are determined to take down a business, they don’t spare those protection copies as well. To address these rapidly changing threats, using a solution that will create a virtual panic room for your most valuable data will isolate it from networked systems that could be compromised in a cyber-attack. This will also make sure data can be restored even from the most extensive attack.Dell EMC’s new product and service enhancements aim to deliver software-defined, cloud-enabled data protection for the modern data center. As customers of all sizes look to transform IT, the first step will be to modernize their data center. With a modern architecture, utilizing technologies that are software-defined and cloud-enabled is key.

What are the key trends in the Information security landscape?

Information security and data safety has emerged asmajor concerns for all organization as it affects business in a major way. Building an effective and agile information security program is a necessity for organizations to prevent threats such as ransomware attacks. It is very important to remain informed about the latest vulnerabilities. Creating a backup of the data to prevent any kind of cyber-attack or accidental damage along with understanding the cloud service provider security model are some of the key trends in the information security landscape.

What Level of security you witness along Indian small businesses?

Almost half of the small scale business is affected to some extent by some degree by cybercrime. Hence it becomes an important measure for those businesses to survive in the market by overcoming these cyber-attacks. The most important step for such businesses is to migrate into cloud and provide authentication measures for their employees. A back-up for all the data becomes essential as well. India also faces a shortage of resources who expertise in cyber security skills which exposes these businesses into further risk.


What level of penetration does DR Solutions enjoy in the Indian market?


Disaster Recovery solutions market is expected to see a huge surge in the coming years with the rise in cyber threats and the fear of losing data. DR solutions have become a top priority for most organizations to manage risks arising from cyber-attacks.The new trend that has emerged among various enterprises, both Indian and global has been that they outsource data recovery to a third-party provider in a cloud model instead of setting up one’s own data centers. Disaster recovery (DR) and DRaaS have become prime aspects for small and midsize organizations due to its affordability and functionality.


What are they key priorities of DELL EMC for the India market?

The key priorities for Dell EMC is to ensure comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions along with enviable set of customers and partners. Supporting our customers on their digital transformation journey is our key priority, ensuring at the same time that there is no data loss and easy management of risks arising due to cyber-attacks. We aim to provide higher quality engagement and support to our customers by leveraging our comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services.

What importance does SMEs carry for DELL EMC business?

SMEs are very important when it comes to DELL EMCs business perspectives as the main objective is to help them grow by transforming them digitally. With a strong presence in the Indian markets, DELL EMC provides an opportunity for small and medium size enterprises to expand its digital footprint in the country.

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