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The Critical Role of Social Entrepreneurs in the MSME Sector

Here is an article by Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide, Chairman of Global St. Angelo’s Group of Companies on the relevance and importance of social entrepreneurship.

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The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector is the backbone of the Indian economy, making a substantial contribution to job creation and economic expansion. Over 111 million people are employed in the industry, which accounts for about 30% of India’s GDP as per the recent report by the Ministry of MSMEs. Nevertheless, despite its substantial contribution, the sector still confronts several difficulties, including restricted access to markets, technology, and financing. This is where social businesses are vital in tackling these issues.

Social Entrepreneurs:

Social entrepreneurs recognize social issues and employ cutting-edge strategies to bring about constructive social change. They are concentrated on developing long-term solutions that deal with social problems and contribute economic value. Social entrepreneurs are essential to addressing some of the problems faced by small businesses in the MSME industry.

Sustainable development has become a crucial global problem as a result of the quickening pace of economic growth and technological development, which has led to environmental degradation, the depletion of natural resources, and social and economic inequality. One of the main drivers of social entrepreneurship in India is the rising awareness of sustainable alternatives. With climate technology at the vanguard, impact businesses in India have raised over US$ 6.8 billion. To guarantee the long-term success of social entrepreneurship in India, significant problems still need to be solved. These include the challenge of attracting investment, the dearth of facilities, and the requirement for more qualified labor. These difficulties may make it more difficult for social enterprises to expand their businesses and market their products, which would reduce their overall effect. These businesses frequently need specialized knowledge and skills, such as engineering and technical know-how, to grow their solutions. 

Here are some highlights of the crucial role of social entrepreneurs in the Indian MSME sector:

Developing alternative financing models 

Social entrepreneurs are developing innovative financing models that provide affordable credit to small companies, especially those in the informal sector. This enables small businesses to obtain credit, expand their operations, and generate job opportunities.

Creating affordable technology solutions

Social entrepreneurs are developing technology solutions that are particularly designed for small businesses and are both affordable and simple to use. This is assisting small companies in adopting technology and remaining competitive in the rapidly changing business landscape.

Creating market links

Social entrepreneurs are connecting small businesses with bigger buyers, especially those in rural areas. This allows small businesses to access larger markets, make higher wages, and add to the country’s overall economic growth.

Focusing on the social and environmental effects

Social entrepreneurs are concerned with both economic value and social and environmental impact. This contributes to addressing social and environmental issues while also providing economic opportunities for small companies.

Building capacity and skills

Social entrepreneurs help small companies, especially those in the informal sector, by providing training and capacity-building assistance. This is assisting small businesses in developing the skills and information required to succeed in the market.

In conclusion, social entrepreneurs are essential in tackling some of the issues MSMEs in India are facing. Social entrepreneurs are empowering small businesses, generating job opportunities, and advancing India’s economic development by developing ground-breaking solutions to problems like access to finance, technology, and markets. For social entrepreneurs to continue working towards creating a more inclusive and viable economy, it is crucial to acknowledge and support their efforts.


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