AI Getting Used as a Driver By Matchmaking Startups for Niche Solutions

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Matchmaking refers to the interpretation of data to establish an association between people, groups of people, or businesses. Today, the matchmaking terminology has evolved drastically and is making way with start-ups. Emerging businesses in India are matching their requirements and offerings between their clientele and consumer base.

Hubhopper (India’s largest podcasting and publishing directory) is helping Indian storytellers to reach out to their target audiences through automated suggestions basis on the listener’s content consumption patterns. Misha, a data analyst who loves listening to thriller and horror stories on Hubhopper, gets automated suggestions for episodes of Paranormal reality which are curated by a small town storyteller, Jay Alani through Hubhopper studios.

Similarly, Impactify (an end-to-end digital solutions provider for social sector) is currently helping corporates in identifying the right project for their CSR investment by helping them in choosing from 2850+ projects proposed by over 1000+ NGOs on their platform. Sandeep, a corporate employee who uses (an AI based solution for parenting & upbringing with factual knowledge and expert reviews), has identified the lactose intolerance in his daughter and tak es preventive measures to keep her safe.

Additionally, companies in the finance industry can also utilize a combination of GST data and sales history while targeting a tailored proposition to an SME. These companies rely upon the technology that interprets the parameters like interest, location, records, investment, etc. to rationalize and customize the offerings.

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