Startup-Kunji – The Kunji for Every Entrepreneurial Milestones

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Startup Kunji, Faiz Askari

Food, gossiping, travel tales and entrepreneurship. Well, these are four pillars of our friendship. Its been over 12 years since I met this gentleman who has a colourful and vibrant personality, well most Punjabis have that. But his acumen for entrepreneurship and startups have always been our main source of interactions. Meet Raj K Pathak a foodie, PR & communication professional and an author.

Well, I remember our conversation in a South Delhi restaurant with Raj in 2009-2010 timeframe when he expressed his dreams to write a book which could be based on his interactions with entrepreneurs of various industry segments and backgrounds. We discussed all these over a cup of coffee.

Well, all these old conversations came in front of my eyes when I received his published book, Startup-Kunji. I consider Raj very much similar to a Kunji (Key) because he holds a kunji for life’s issues and problems as a friend.

Representing Raj’s rich experience, this book has entrepreneurial juice. A compilation of interviews with entrepreneurs from various fields has some insightful learnings for a large chunk of aspiring entrepreneurs.

The compilation of Raj’s interviews in the book also showcases various entrepreneurial colours, just like his own personality. Always open for opportunities, and inquisitiveness towards something innovative, these qualities of the author is well visible in his questions.

This book is not just exciting but insightful for many entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneur. Each interview, not only carries a story in itself but a learning lesson for many. Each interview holds a level of inspiration.

I wish Raj a great success and also like to see his next book very soon. I want to his next book should have some spicey flavours which may appeal his taste buds as well. Well, due to COVID social distancing measures, we are unable to meet each other for eight months, perhaps a long duration for our kind of people. But I know, to celebrate the success of Startup Kunji and discuss next books, we will be meeting very soon over good food in a restaurant which both of us prefer.


Raj K Pathak & Faiz Askari
Raj K Pathak & Faiz Askari
Raj K pathak, Faiz Askari, Kunal Singhal
Raj bhai surrounded with friends (on Left Faiz & Kunal Singhal)


Faiz Askari

Faiz is a mediapreneur specialised in Small Business and Technology domain.

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