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Somany Initiates CSR Initiative of #NahiPhislenge

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The Leading tile manufacturer, Somany Tiles takes a step forward in the betterment of society. Somany Ceramics has been a premier name that brings to the foreground the power and positivity of the work the organization does to save and improve lives through various philanthropies and CSR activities and now Somany ceramics has launched an inspirational video which conveys the positive message of living the compassionate life for other people.

Going forward with the quality of Somany tiles, these tiles are slip resistant; the #NahiPhislenge is the commitment of ‘Anti Skid’ tiles with the vision of better society to live in. Somany has always been committed towards the better and improved ceramic products. #NahiPhislenge is also a commitment of Somany to work profoundly in the sphere of quality and better products to its customers. #NahiPhislenge is the one of the India’s wide spread Social Media Campaigns. The key partner of the campaign is Radio Mirchi. Just around the time, the #NahiPhislenge campaign had inspired many people to live a good life along with the inspirations; it had created a benchmark of the Samaritans who are leading the positive life for others.

On this campaign, the MD of Somany Ceramics, Mr. Abhishek Somany, comments, “We’re confident that the combination of these kind of campaigns is affecting the life of people in  a positive manner and motive of our campaign and ideology is simple, to save a person in need. We’ve made great strides over the years, but with more than 5, 00,000 Indian waiting for a life-saving organ transplant and they die eventually.  In a population of more than 1.2 billion, there are only 0.08% of organ donors; by donating organs 1 person can save as many as 7 lives. We must take this responsibility of organ donation and inspire others to do same , so that we can help the people in need.”

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