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Top 5 Writing Platform Startups To Try For The Writer In You

Here is a list of five such writing platform startups that you can use to pen down your feelings and thoughts. 

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Gone are the days, when a writer had to go through tough processes to publish their work. In the digital era, plenty of start-ups have come up with publishing platforms to help the writers to publish their gems with hardly any constraints. Thankfully, there are plenty of platforms available online that can put the spotlight on your writing skills. Here is a list of five such writing platform startups that you can use to pen down your feelings and thoughts. 

  1. YourQuote

Founded by Harsh Snehanshu and Ashish Singh, YourQuote is a creative writing app for its users. In addition to providing the writers with a platform to write, it also beautifully converts the text into art. Even though the writers had the option of blogging for expressing themselves, YourQuote came into the picture because of its mobile-friendly interface. Many writers prefer to jot down Love Shayari on YourQuote. Thanks to YourQuote, expressing through words is as easy as uploading images on Instagram. YourQuote is actually just like Instagram but for hard-core writers. 

  1. Miraquill

Miraquill was founded by Alankrita Sood and was previously known as Mirakee. It is an app designed for writers to write quotes and poems including Sad Shayari. Miraquill further acts as a social network but just for writers. Unlike other writing apps, length is never an issue when writing on Miraquill. Both YourQuote and Miraquill allow the users to copyright their creations. The app supports multiple languages and permits the users to express themselves in a language that they are comfortable with. 

  1. Quora

Even though Quora is a question-answer platform, it can also be used to start a blog. Further, if you are knowledgeable about a particular subject, you can choose to answer the questions regarding the topic. The easiest way to grow followers in Quora is by showcasing your expertise by answering as many niche answers as possible. The readers of Quora prefer to read long forms of content and therefore, the app is special. Just like the previous two apps, Quora allows the readers and writers to follow each other. It is a wonderful app to share your experiences of life. 

  1. Medium

Started in 2012, Medium is one of the most popular platforms amongst writers. The app was founded by Evan Williams. Medium is a platform that serves three purposes. It is a platform for writing, reading and even connecting with other writers. It is an open platform with more than 100 million readers from all around the globe. The platform is open for all kinds of writers from the newbies to the professional writers, one will find all kinds of writers on Medium. It is easy to create a space on Medium by starting a blog. Recently, Medium has also rolled out features that allow the writers to earn through the content that they publish. 

  1. Wattpad

Wattpad is the most popular platform for writers who are into writing novels and of course, amongst the readers who love reading platforms. The company was founded in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen. With more than 90 million monthly users, Wattpad is one of the most promising writing platforms. Currently, the app is available in more than 50 languages and it features more than 300,000 writers. In addition to providing the users with a platform to write, it also organizes plenty of writing competitions too in which the writers can participate to win exciting prizes. Many books like The Kissing Booth that were first published in Wattpad have been converted into movies. The readers can comment liberally on Wattpad which makes this platform an extremely unique app. 

Depending upon the type of writing that one prefers, the user can choose a writing platform of their choice. For instance, if a writer is into poetry and short snippets, then YourQuote and Miraquill are the perfect platforms. On the other hand, if someone prefers to answer academic answers or share their experiences of life, then Quora and Medium are the perfect platforms. A writer who wants to publish a novel can use Wattpad for their creation. Following the footsteps of these apps, many other writing platforms have emerged, however, these platforms have still remained the most preferred ones among the writers. 

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