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Gig White-Collar Roles Surge 11%: foundit Insights Tracker

Demand for white-collar professionals rose annually at 2% but saw a marginal decline of 1% on a month-on-month basis

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niche demand for talent with specialised skills that go beyond basic bookkeeping, including strategy and analysis. HR & Admin (+11%) also continued to note an incline as employee wellness, use of automation in processes and heightened emphasis on diversity and inclusion have created a need for seasoned professionals who can bring collaboration and cohesiveness to ensure seamless organisational functioning. Demand for Sales & BD (+7%), Legal (+4%), and Arts/Creative (+3%) roles also saw a marginal increase.

However, job postings for professionals in Customer Service (-15%), Software Hardware Telecom (-9%), Healthcare (-8%), and Marcom (-8%) have seen a continuous dip over the last few months.

Fresher hiring sees positive growth; Sales, BD, & Marketing internships on the rise

Data from the Tracker indicates that demand for entry-level (0-3 years) professionals exhibited a 4% annual growth as more and more companies today are offering paid internships to fresh talent to meet specific organisational requirements.

As per Zuno by foundit, a platform for quality paid internships, nearly half (48%) of internship opportunities on the platform are for roles related to Sales & Business Development. Internships in Marketing (23% share), Technology (5% share), Management (5% share), Social Sector (5% share), HR (5%), Design (3% share), and Finance (3%) reflected average stipends ranging from INR 6,000 – INR 13,000.

Internship trends as per Zuno by foundit

Roles% Share of Total InternshipsAverage Stipend (INR)
Sales & BD48%11133
Human Resource5%8891
Social Sector5%6375

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