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An Ultimate Guide to Virtual Campus Recruitment!

The scope and requirements of the virtual campus recruitment process have changed significantly due to the COVID-19 outbreak, necessitating the implementation of more modern and cutting-edge employment solutions. 

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A recent LinkedIn poll found that 71% of talent professionals believe virtual hiring has overtaken traditional hiring and continue using this method to find talent. The scope and requirements of the virtual campus recruitment process have changed significantly due to the COVID-19 outbreak, necessitating the implementation of more modern and cutting-edge employment solutions. 

Online coding assessment tools for businesses are aiding in finding and hiring top talent from universities all over the world & proving to be IT recruiter’s bible to hiring tech talent.

Virtual campus recruitment employs remote hiring techniques to hire students and faculty from universities and institutions. This involves doing both the interview and the hiring process for potential employees online via video conferencing, online job fairs, and other digital techniques.

Why Should Organizations Employ Virtual Campus Recruitment? 

There are various reasons why organizations are implementing tech assessment platforms to hire ideal candidates. Let’s have a look at some advantages: 

Reduced Time & Cost 

LinkedIn research indicates that 78% of talent acquisition experts think virtual campus recruiting is more efficient and less expensive than traditional on-campus recruiting. This is because the on-campus requirement necessitates extensive preparation and resources. While physically touring universities and recruiting staff for educational campuses, businesses must also invest in travel, lodging, and other incidentals. 

With online campus recruitment, businesses can do away with all these expenses and concentrate on the crucial steps in the employment process. Additionally, businesses can reduce the time spent examining resumes and conducting interviews by using online coding assessment tools like Yaksha.

Leads to Enhanced Talent Access

Organizations can access a large talent pool through virtual campus recruitment that they might not have otherwise known about. It transcends geographical borders and enables businesses to broaden their search for the best individuals among numerous global institutions.

Better Opportunities for Employer Branding

By utilizing social media platforms, digital marketing initiatives, and campus ambassador programs to connect with potential candidates and foster a positive perception of the organization’s work culture, businesses can use virtual campus recruitment to strengthen their employer brand.

A great method to interact with the campus community and give insights into your workplace is to host online campus events like webinars or Q&A sessions with current employees.

Strategies for Effective Virtual Campus Recruitment: 

Set Your Hiring Objectives

Defining your hiring goals and objectives is the first step in developing a successful campus hiring strategy. This includes determining the roles you want to fill, the ideal candidate profile for each, the calendar for campus recruiting events, the recruitment budget and ROI goals, and a plan for developing a great employer brand. HR managers can also conduct a skill-gap study to identify the skills their workforce lacks and set objectives for their virtual campus recruitment strategy. 

Make a List of Universities and Colleges

When drafting a campus hiring strategy, organizations should decide which universities and colleges they can onboard individuals. To ensure that the institution’s fellow suits its recruitment goals properly, recruiters should consider elements like educational quality, campus culture, student diversity, etc.

Engage in pre-placement activities

You must promote pre-placement engagement if you want your virtual campus recruiting approach to be effective and draw in top talent.

As already stated, social media platforms are essential for connecting with students and enhancing your employer brand. To get the student’s interest, set up a pre-placement webinar that offers details about the culture of your business and chances for professional advancement.

Another way to increase participation is holding online competitions like hackathons, ideathons, and case study competitions. Participants and winners can receive prizes like paid internships or walk-in interview opportunities. The top students from various backgrounds and skill sets, including coding, data analysis, designing, creative problem solving, and others, can be found at these events.

Pre Screen Candidates

To save time, it’s critical to focus on your skill pool. Virtual campus recruiters can also employ assessment tools like aptitude tests, online coding tests, and psychometric assessments to pre-screen candidates based on their skills and knowledge. This aids hiring managers in determining whether applicants possess all relevant skill sets before even inviting them for an interview.

However, administering exams online has its own difficulties, such as cheating and the absence of proctoring. Yaksha has created an AI-powered proctoring solution to address this issue, automating remote proctoring while ensuring the entire screening procedure’s accuracy, security, and compliance.

Schedule Interviews Automatically

One interview might take anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours to schedule, according to a survey of 67% of HR professionals. If university recruiters use manual processes, one can only speculate how much time they spend scheduling campus hire interviews. On the other hand, completely automating the interview scheduling procedure can drastically reduce the overall time needed.

Use Intelligent Technologies

Campus recruiters can automate tedious procedures and streamline hiring by utilizing AI-driven solutions. For instance, a chatbot feature for recruiting can interact with numerous prospects at once and respond to their questions regarding your campus recruitment initiative. Additionally, it aids in gathering applicant information that can be utilized to monitor the effectiveness of college recruiting.


Campus hiring is one of the most time-consuming operations in any organization. It consists of going through the ocean of applications, choosing a suitable resume, screening selected candidates through various stages, and onboarding. However, all these processes consume significant time for the recruiters. Hence, having online coding assessment tools can reduce your burden to a certain extent. Yaksha provides recruitment that will enable you to surpass the various screening steps to enhance the efficiency of the recruitment team.




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