ShiftKarado Added a New Dimension in Packing & Moving Industry By Adding Mobile App

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Packing and moving company — ShiftKarado has recently released its enhanced mobile application on Google Play Store. Offering a wide range of packing services, shifting services, storage services, express moving services, ShiftKarado is now reaching hundreds of mobile users after rolling out the updated version of ShiftKarado mobile app. Those who are looking for a simple and convenient way to shift to their new workplace or new house can sign up on the app and plan their move. After several months of dedication and hard-work, the app is redesigned and developed to enhance the user experience while booking relocation services, processing the payment, etc in the safest and secure form.

ShiftKarado app leaves behind the traditional way of booking the moving and packing services, waiting for the quote, and manually contacting the in-charge person for getting updates. All the services of ShiftKarado are operational 24×7 on the app, which means users can book for relocation services and pay the amount instantly. It allows the users to get a precise and instant pricing quote upon sharing the required details such as address, day, items to ship, time, etc. while planning their move. Login to the app is OTP based, therefore users’ data and information on the app is time-stamped and secured. ShiftKarado app not does not only saves the users a lot of time for quotation but also hands them the convenience to customize their budget and pricing accordingly.

This advanced version of the ShiftKarado app supports the template based moves and tutorial mode. Based on the learning and historic data, ShiftKarado app is built on a template-based model with the pre-default list of items set on configuration type powered by analytic data. A customer only has to pay for what he wishes to be packed and moved. He can add or delete the items such as a bed, refrigerator, almirah, AC, from the template and decide on pricing that suits him best. By turning on the tutorial mode, anyone can simply use or learn to use this user-friendly app. In any case of any doubt or inconvenience, the customer support team will call and help them throughout the process.

On asking about the newer version of the app, Aulina Mithal Sood, Co-founder of ShiftKarado commented, “We work to facilitate urban mobility and relocation from place to place. Through technology, we are striving to join the dots and promote professional moving and packing services. We hope the technology will help in making India more dynamic by opening up more employment opportunities for the youths and bring comfort to those who frequently shift their workplace or house.”

ShiftKarado exclusively offers packing services, household shifting services, unpacking services, storage services, express moving services, which can be availed through the website as well as the mobile app. The ShiftKarado has achieved a 4.1/5 rating on Google Play Store.

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  1. Lots of people with new business are benefiting from this era of mobile apps. Almost everything can be done via apps, and why not take advantage of it! She now what works.

  2. I think adding a mobile app to the moving business is really important. I like how the author was able to cover this subject. We need to see more apps, Im sure it’ll work great.

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