Schneider Electric celebrates 50 years of Modicon

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Schneider Electric celebrates the completion of 50 years of its first programmable logic controller (PLC) Modicon this year. Modicon – which denotes Modular Digital Control, offers huge profitability improvement for customers in terms of reduced time to market and production downtime. The tremendous success of the device led to the rise of global industry, boosting its expansion significantly during the last three decades.

Speaking on the milestone achieved, Mr Meenu Singhal, VP Industrial Automation Business, Schneider Electric India, said- “Schneider Electric strongly believes in achieving excellence through constant innovation to enable customers achieve operational efficiency. In the past 50 years, Modicon has constantly evolved to make domestic manufacturing more competitive. Today, Modicon systems have future ready Cyber Security embedded in processors, easy to engineer and program for most complex and Critical application needs”

The Modicon ‘048’ (introduced in 1968 by the Bedford Associates Group ) transformed process design, moving from complex hardwired relay systems to the automation system, thereby reducing the time, effort and costs earlier linked with modifying a process. In 1969, Schneider Electric facilitated the expanding reach of Modicon technology globally.

The next future-ready launch from Modicon was that of the first PAC (programmable automation controller) in 1996. In 2003, Modicon released the first Web-embedded PAC, symbolising innovation at its best by offering a complete range of solutions in meeting customers’ automation needs. From HVAC/pumping to small automated machines to advanced machine automation, its time-tested, trusted automation solutions are now enhancing machines and processes across industries. In the year 2007 Schneider introduced the first all-in-one PAC: Modicon M340, which simplified configuration and operations. Continuing with its innovation and experimentation for the benefit of the customers, Schneider Electric presented world’s first e.PAC -M580 in 2015. A year later Modicon M580 became a part of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Plant domain.

Today, Modicon completes 50 years of existence offering a comprehensive line of innovative PLCs and PACs. In the coming years, more future-ready innovations can be expected to continue augmenting the manufacturing processes of Industry 4.0, simultaneously scaling new heights in smart manufacturing as Modicon completes 50 years of its innovative existence.

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