Samsung’s Contribution in ‘Make In India’

Samsung’s Contribution in ‘Make In India’

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MSME-Samsung Technical School has been set up following an MOU signed between the Ministry of MSME and Samsung Electronics. The MOU aims to establish Ten “MSME–Samsung Technical Schools” at MSME Technology Centers for conducting joint training programmes at various parts of the country.

Mr Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) chaired a meeting with the Mr. HyunChil Hong, President & CEO, Samsung South West Asia here to discuss about the ongoing joint programme at MSME-Samsung Technical School across the country.

This is one of the possible models under which the training imparted to youth, increases to a great extent the possibility of their subsequent employment as well as motivates them to establish their own enterprises. It shall provide students trade-specific training on repair and troubleshooting for consumer electronics products such as mobile phones, televisions, home theatres and home appliances. Additionally students will also be educated in soft skills that will further enable them to provide exemplary customer service.

Samsung officials also informed that they are promoting the concept of “Make in India” by sourcing a lot of parts and components of their products from Indian industries especially MSMEs.

Looking into the success of this unique PPP based initiative, the Minister desired to explore the possibility of replicating this successful model in at least 50 more locations. He also underlined the role of Samsung in enhancing the capacity of Indian MSMEs by sourcing various parts and components from them.

Mr Madhav Lal, Secretary, MSME, Mr Amarendra Sinha, Special Secretary & Development Commissioner, MSME, Mr. Hyun Woo Bang, Senior Vice President, Samsung South West Asia, Mr. SD Do, Head Customer Satisfaction, Mr. Deepak Bhardwaj, Vice President, Samsung South West Asia and other senior officers of the Ministry were also present on the occasion.

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