‘Safari Special Pink’ a new Travel Portal to promote Women Entrepreneurship launched by Axis Softech

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By Gyanesh Kumar & Devesh Kumar Thakur (Directors at Axis Softech)

In India women constitutes around half of the total population, so they form half of the society. In ancient times women were confined to four walls of houses and performed household activities only. In modern times there is change in society’s attitude, now there are more expectations from women on every front. The evidences globally proved that they are performing excellently well in different segments like academics, sports, administration, jobs, politics, social work and so on. Now, they also lead part of the corporate world & have entered the business industry also to run their enterprises successfully.

Women Entrepreneurs need to be promote by society for the utilization of future technologies, increased investment, creating employment for society and setting the example for other women’s in the society

Gender equality and economic development goes hand in hand. The emergence of women entrepreneurs and their contribution to national economy is quite visible in India. They now constitute around 10% of the total number of entrepreneurs with a rapidly increasing trend.

The growing recognition that the women have unique talents which could be harnessed for development, and for creating employment opportunities for others who are not suited to an entrepreneurial career, developing women as entrepreneur has become an important and integral part of national development planning and strategies.

The increase recognition that the women have talent which could be used for employment opportunities, development of others who are not fit to entrepreneurship, developing women as entrepreneur will change the scenario of entire nation and future of nation will be bright.

As we are in 21st century, it’s the century of technology, telecom, I.T and today women expertise in all these sectors and have strong emergence. Many of these industries are leaded and guided by women. They have encouraged by society to discover their potential and talent to perform in all these sectors but still in comparison to other developing nation according to population the entrepreneurs among women in India has not been spectacular.

Concept of women Entrepreneurs in eyes of Axis Softech

The woman or group of women who take initiative to start their business enterprise is known as women entrepreneur. A women entrepreneur has to perform all daily operations of enterprise these include idea generation, screening and implementing for enterprises and others various daily activities. Axis Softech also define women entrepreneurs who have stake of 50% or more equity shares in a business

“Safari Special Pink” Online Travel Product for Women Entrepreneurs

Axis Softech encourages and supports women entrepreneurs by launching its new online travel product called “Safari Special Pink” it’s the version of our product called “Safari Special” and the word “Pink” has been added because Pink is considered as one of the favorite colour of women.”Safari Special Pink” is neatly crafted readymade online travel product with Air, Hotel, bus & Holiday Packages booking features specially designed for all class of women’s such as house wife, working women and others Axis Softech provide discount scheme, assistance and guidance to women entrepreneurs because we want that condition of women should be improve in our country because if mother of child will be entrepreneur then definitely child will inherit the business qualities in his blood and future generation will attract towards doing business only, they will not rely on jobs in this way we Axis Softech is also promoting “Startup India” campaign of our honorable Prime Minister “Mr.Narendra Modi”.

The best part about the product is that it comes with an added subsidy of 40% over and above the total price, which enables women to establish their own online travel business & thus become entrepreneur.

Therefore, Axis Softech would like to address all women of India, “that do not confined yourself in just household activities but also be dynamic and bold and start your travel business with our “Safari Special Pink” product because if women’s condition will uplifted, only then we can achieved our all positive objectives & eliminate problems of our country, otherwise we always will be remain to be a developing country & can never be a developed nation”. Hence, it is a great opportunity to look forward and remove all your ethnic barriers of society and start your own enterprise today and grow up yourself and help India to grow economically. Let the world say that India is the nation having highest number of women entrepreneurs.


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