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RDSO Urged Railway Board to Follow Procurement Policy

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In support of MSME suppliers for Indian Railways, who are struggling to get their proper participation in the Railway tenders under Public Procurement Policy, the Research Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO) has asked the Railway Board for “strict compliance” of the policy.

NEW DELHI: RDSO is a research and development organisation under the Ministry of Railways, Government of India, which functions as a technical adviser and consultant to the Railway Board.

The RDSO in its letter to the Railway Board, said, “Instructions have been issued to all the Purchase officers for strictly compliance of the related policy measures while taking tender decision.”

Further, it is also said that continuous efforts and initiatives are being made by RDSO for enhancing procurement from MSEs.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of MSME, in its response to the grievance put up by H.S. Chopra, Managing Director of Lucknow based Data Technosys (Engineers) Pvt. Ltd on the Grievance Monitoring System, said, “This office has from time to time written to the Railway Board for extending benefits of the PP Policy to micro and small units.”  If after repeated communication from this Ministry still some errant officers are indulging to sabotage the implementation of the Government Policies such officers should be given exemplary punishment both in terms of financial recovery as well as bad entry in the career so that other may learn lesson and should not act as a barrier for development of MSME units.  It is therefore suggested that a high level meeting among ministries / Railway Board may be convened and such decision should be taken, circulated, executed monitored.”

According to the new notification by the Railway Board, issued in August this year, “In tender, participating MSEs quoting price within price band of L1+15% shall also be allowed to supply a portion of requirement by bringing down their price to L1 price in a situation where L1 price is from someone other than a MSE and such MSE shall be allowed to supply up to 20% of total tendered value.”

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