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Prime Minister Urged Small Businesses To Go Digital

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi came forward to the nation, yet again, through ‘Man Ki Baat’. He explained his elaborated explanation on demonetization. In the ‘Man Ki Baat’ address he urged the small businessmen, traders, entrepreneurs to go digital and keep retail POS for their billings.

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched almost every aspect of this strategic initiative and Mr Modi also urged the small entrepreneur, trader to escalate themselves towards this new regime of doing business. here are some of the key highlights of PM Modi’s latest ‘Man Ki Baat‘, compiled by Faiz Askari.

“Small traders and businessmen of our country provide employment opportunities besides adding to the economic activities. In the last budget we had taken an important decision that just like the big malls, small shopkeepers in the villages will also be allowed to operate round the clock and no rule will stop them from doing so because I felt that when the big malls can function 24 hours, why the poor village-shopkeepers should not get the same facility? A number of initiatives were taken to grant them loans under Mudra Yojana,” Mr Modi said.

“These small traders were provided loans worth lakhs and crores of rupees under Mudra Yojana because there are crores of such small traders and they impart momentum to the business activities worth billions of rupees. But naturally they too had to face difficulties due to this decision. However, I have seen that these small businessmen too have kept providing services to their customers in their own ways through the use of technology such as Mobile App, Mobile Bank and Credit Card and on the basis of mutual trust also.” says Mr Modi, “And, I want to tell our small trader brothers and sisters that this is a ripe opportunity for them too to make their entry into the digital world. You too download Apps of Banks on your mobile phones. You too keep a POS machine for transactions in Credit Cards. You too learn to do cashless business. You can see how the big malls are expanding their business with the help of latest technology. A small trader can also expand the business with the help of this user friendly technology. There is no possibility of things going wrong, but there certainly is an opportunity to grow. I invite you all. You can make a very big contribution in creating a cashless society,” while suggesting the possible and the preferred way of shifting towards this new way of doing business.

Acknowledging the role of Farmers in the times of demonetization, PM Modi highlighted, “Every citizen is making requisite adjustments amidst the difficulties as a result of the new changes. But, I especially wish to compliment the farmers of our country. I was just gathering data of the sowing of this crop season. I am glad that be it wheat, be it pulses, be it oilseeds, the data received till 20th November indicates that sowing has increased substantially as compared to sowing during the last year. Our farmers have discovered new avenues amidst the present difficulties. The government has also taken many important decisions, wherein priority has been accorded to our farmers and villages. Despite these measures, some difficulties persist but I am confident that our farmer who bravely faces every difficulty, including natural calamities, is standing firm in the face of present odds also.”



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